Online safety workshop held at Bradfield College

wQkTEpYEDObJ48k0nCMjCunoqoqPs3FZEJ--schoolPARENTS may be missing vital information when they talk to their children about staying safe online, a leading digital safety expert warned more than 40 independent school leaders last week.

The warning came on Friday at the iPrep Workshop hosted at Bradfield College, when Childnet International chief executive Will Gardner, a former Bradfield pupil, spoke of the importance of open dialogue between staff and pupils in providing guidance on internet safety.

The event was a collaboration between Bradfield College and Harriet House School, Frilsham, aimed at giving advice on digital responsibility and eSafety for schools.

Headteacher of Harriet House School, Harriet Hathaway, said: “This is a topic close to my heart.

“Parents are looking for guidance on when, what and how to parent in the digital world. While we might be at the other end of the educational age spectrum to Bradfield College the reality is that even our youngest pupils can already be competent and regular device users.

“This event is about bringing together schools to create a network across the area to discuss and address common digital challenges.”

Second master at Bradfield College Kevin Collins said: “We all need to be looking for the right opportunities to empower our pupils through technology.

“Supporting and never stymieing creativity needs to be the goal for all schools.”

Source: Newbury Today