Operation: PARENT Turn on the Lights Choking Game

The Choking Game is dangerous! Parents, watch this video of teens in the middle of playing the Choking Game…watch with caution, because it is dramatic and …


25 thoughts on “Operation: PARENT Turn on the Lights Choking Game

  1. Gerard van Schip

    I never heard of this, I knew adults were choking themselves for sexual
    reasons but that there was a widespread thing for young teens really
    shocked me.

    This seems to be most popular in the states where there are very harsh
    penalties for smoking pot. Never heard of this in my native Holland where
    smoking pot is regulated.

  2. neveryours99

    i did this to show my friend..i didnt mean to pass out but i did and i
    forgot where i was when i got up, dont do this..i didnt even let my ffriend
    do it because of what happened.

  3. iN31L

    Very true. It’s just that your original comment sounded naive. I agree
    totally on what you said. I see people coming out of bathroom stalls wiping
    their nose all the time. It’s sad.

  4. Oliver

    @MiqeMadeline Often you will behave as your friends do, if you have a hard
    time avoiding the choking game you should get some new friends who dont do
    choking games and chances are you wont do them anymore either. 🙂

  5. see4ward

    That was my generation (70’s, 80’s),.don’t think we all think like JPaxton.
    There is nothing worthless about this generation of kids. Some of us even
    let our 5th graders and teens teach us a few things because the world is SO
    DIFFERENT. Some of us “parents” want to learn and grow with this
    generation~not judge or demean. I agree~This generation is gonna kick some
    ass. There are a handful of us that do want to be educated and give what a
    parent is supposed to~”guidance & unconditional love”..

  6. Hannah Anderson

    3:11 I started crying because that was probably the girl little sister and
    she was trying to wake her up 🙁

  7. Luis Vega

    Well first if their “friends” let them do this to them self they are not
    real friends because real friends should have each other back and take care
    and make sure they are not doing anything wrong such this..If you can find
    or have a good friend he’ll make sure you are always alright and better
    every single day..therefore this kind of things wouldn’t be
    happening..Implying that life is lived once and you should take care of
    your self and your friends and family as well..KIDS: DO NOT DO THIS!!!

  8. asisorfree eerfrosisa

    The fact that it’s even called a game is pretty stupid, the fact that
    parent’s are saying things like “It’s amazing that 9 year olds and onwards
    even know about this game” I personally would be thinking “It’s amazing
    that 9 year olds and onwards are dumb enough to play with life and death”
    It’s not a game.. some of these choke hold methods are used for combat
    purposes to disable the threat at hand. Kids these days seem to have gotten
    dumber then the passed generations. planking and this for e.g.

  9. Eddie Saleeby

    For those of you who say this does not kill you, think again. When you do
    this you stop oxygen from going to your brain. This will create blood clots
    which may kill you or give you serious side effects. Smoking pot is not
    better either!

  10. Maegen ann

    I myself am a teenager and I sadly am ashamed stupid things that my
    generation does/comes up with. I will NEVER try any of these nonsense
    things. EVER.

  11. Joe Whatsherface

    I broke my nose today. All because of the choking game. I faceplanted so
    hard into the pavement, that my entire face was bleeding. I am addicted. I
    know eventually I will die from it. But I cant stop. I think its good that
    you made this video, because people need to know how dangerous it is.

  12. Bern C.

    OMG. I srsly can’t breathe properly while watching this… it’s like I’m
    the one being choked..!. O___O

  13. tuppqueenk

    When I talked w/my 14 yr old son about this and found out he’s tried it my
    heart sank! His comment was he did it only when he was feeling suicidal &
    now he doesn’t do it. The young man in the video said “Just don’t kill
    yourself” It’s not just a suicidal ‘game’! If you’re a young person…don’t
    take the chance! If you’re a parent…see what your kid is thinking? if
    they’ve tried it? If they have tried it talk to them, let them see you
    don’t want to live w/o them! I hope we can stop this ‘game’!

  14. Jennifer Minor

    To the kids doing this. How can you call yourself a friend or call the
    person doing it to you a friend? Why would you put your life at risk for a
    5 second high. Grow up and get a real hobby.

  15. Beasal007

    reccomending pot use in substitution of so-called risky behavior is a
    growing ignorance. In a perfect world, we would rather our children never
    be exposed or participate in anything harmful, but always lessening the
    dangers of smoking actually influences kids to think it is harmless. Pot IS
    a gateway drug, anyone who says different is a moron. I’d rather not have a
    child at all, then have a drug addict child who has wasted all their
    potential and cause heartache to family members.

  16. sweetheart131211

    @randomDOTT I tried it becaue I didn’t know anything about the game and my
    friends told me to just try it out and I was kinda curious how it would
    feel so I tried it

  17. OperationPARENT

    Operation: PARENT is understanding the culture, and we don’t believe it’s
    ok to test with drugs or any form of getting high because teens’ brains are
    not developed yet. Operation: PARENT is committed to raising parents’
    awareness so we can all raise incredible teens. Please note: Operation:
    PARENT and The Passage Group are partners, because we both believe in
    educating parents of today’s toxic culture. We were given permission to
    redistribute this video.

  18. Casper Loco

    I totally forgot about this so called game, they used to do this back when
    I was in highschool in the year 1991, I was always scared to try it, I
    never saw any point in doing this, I cant believe it still around.

  19. pepperbunny14

    Guys, what you don’t understand is that this is like a drug… once you
    start it its hard to stop. I was addicted to this game, for 6 months, I
    know it sounds stupid, but if you are depressed, or suicidal, this is a
    good way to die… just saying..