Opinion: San Diego State University Gets It Right in Fight Against Anti-Semitism | #students | #parents

As readers of my op-eds know, I have been very critical of San Diego State University’s administration.

From the budget follies at the start of President Adela de la Torre’s tenure, to their ignoring a billion dollars in deferred maintenance while throwing money at the Imperial Valley campus and the Mission Valley project, to their mishandling of an invitation to a noted anti-Semite to speak on campus, SDSU’s administration, and President de la Torre, have gotten it wrong, repeatedly.

So when the President gets it right, I feel an obligation to say so, loudly and publicly.

The occasion is not a happy one. At the beginning of March, another swastika was found scribbled on a dormitory wall. This was the third such incident, but this time J. Luke Wood, vice-president of student affairs and campus diversity, was on it from the start.

On March 11, about a week or so after the swastikas were discovered, he sent out a tweet condemning anti-Semitism and expressing solidarity with SDSU’s Jewish faculty, staff, and students. But that was only the beginning.

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