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Photo Courtesy: Dr. Danny Roper

COLUMBUS, Ohio ― Ohio State Medical School Graduate Dr. Danny Roper says his sister reached out to him in April asking for some educational material to explain the coronavirus virtually to her 5th grade students at Dayton Leadership Academies.

So, Dr. Roper leaned on his creative talents and went to work. 

What You Need To Know

  • The efforts of a recent Ohio State University Medical School Graduate has gone viral
  • Cincinnati native Dr. Danny Roper harnessed his creative side to help kids understand the science behind the coronavirus pandemic  
  • The viral YouTube video has nearly 19,000 views

“I spent some time trying to think some stuff up and then I wrote a script, but then I felt like it would go better if I drew some pictures and added a little bit of humor and sort of fun to it, I guess,” said Dr. Roper. 

So he used his art skills, acting skills, filmed, wrote, edited a nine-minute video titled “Coronavirus for Kids,” and posted it to his YouTube Channel. 

To date, the video has nearly 19,000 views. 

Word has spread to educators around the world and publications like the Huffington Post.

But most of all, his sister and family are proud of his positive impact on the community.

“He far exceeded any of my expectations. I thought he was just going to talk to a camera and he came up with something phenomenal. He’s that person who brings his personality into everything that he does,” said Emily Roper. 

“I wanted people to understand why they were making sacrifices and kind of just tell them thank you and that it was brave of them and that they were important even as kids,” said Dr. Roper. 

And Dr. Roper, who attended Princeton High School in Cincinnati, says it’s important that children learn health literacy when they’re still young so they can better care for themselves as they become adults. 

“Kids are soaking up information, that is the time to teach people about that. And so, I think it’s a great opportunity as a pediatrician to really help people long term,” said Dr. Roper. 

Dr. Roper has just begun his residency in pediatric medicine at Nationwide Children’s Hospital.

As for the future, he hopes to add more educational videos to his YouTube channel.

“Videos with some common pediatric illnesses, some mental health support, things like that, can be helpful to kids,” said Dr. Roper. 

Here’s the full video: 




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