Paedophile doctor was able to manipulate hospital system to abuse children

The mum of a young cancer patient sexually abused by a paedophile doctor today, Thursday, blasted hospital chiefs for failing to protect children in his care.

The woman, who cannot be named, spoke out after the publication of an independent report into the abuse carried out by Myles Bradbury at Addenbrooke’s Hospital in Cambridge. Bradbury, who was part of a 15-strong group who went to Swaziland to help orphaned children with Peterborough’s Kingsgate Church, based in Staplee Way, Parnell, was found with a spy pen which held 170,000 images of his victims.

The report highlighted moves to ensure children at the hospital were now ‘chaperoned’ while having treatment. But the mum, 43, described the move as ‘too little, too late,’ and said she felt ‘let down’ by the hospital.
The mother-of-three said: “He should never have been left on his own. “The new policy is good but it is too late for the children he abused.

“I think it is too little too late.”

Responding to the report’s revelation that Bradbury, 42, got around hospital systems to carry out his abuse, she said: I think the man is disgusting. He has destroyed so many people’s lives.

“It will never go away. “People who had suspicions should have spoken up.

“The hospital and staff should have been protecting the children.