Parent claims staffer involved in Sweetwater pep rally fight has bullied students

ABILENE, Texas – A concerned parent claims a staffer who fought with a Sweetwater High School student Friday has a history of bullying her son and other students.

The fight broke out Friday morning at the school’s pep rally. The altercation was recorded on someone’s phone after the fight had begun.

Brenda Mendez, the mother, said her son tried to break up the fight. Then he was taken into custody.

“Next thing you know my son says he sees his friend get body slammed, he got choked, he got scratched on the neck and hit his head really bad,” Mendez said.

Mendez said Truancy Prevention Coordinator Curt Crisp bullied her son several times.

“What you’re gonna hit me? What’re you gonna do? You’re gonna hit me? He was bucking up to them doing that a lot to other students. I’ve heard from a couple others,” Mendez said.

Sweetwater ISD Superintendent Dr. George McFarland released a statement Friday.

“The employee involved in the altercation has been placed on administrative leave pending the completion of the district’s internal investigation,” Dr. McFarland’s statement read.

Mendez wants other parents to talk to their kids and ask if they have been bullied by Crisp.

“I want the kids to be safe. I don’t want this to ever happen again. I want to make sure that the parents out there know that my son was getting threatened. I call it bullying in a way that Curt was doing that to my son. There are other kids that have mentioned it,” Mendez said.

She mentioned that her son was released from custody with no charges and that he might have to go to court at an unknown later date.

Texas Rangers are currently leading the investigation.