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10 Hills Near Rochester that are Perfect for Sledding and Tubing

Winter has arrived in Minnesota, Iowa, and Wisconsin and with that comes snow.  Lots and lots of snow!  If you are looking for a place to fly down a hill for some tubing and sledding fun, check out these amazing spots near Rochester, Minnesota that are perfect for some outdoor adventures.

Get Your Sled On at One of These 10 Sledding Hills by Rochester, Minnesota

Rochester, Minnesota has a bunch of great sledding spots that are perfect for an afternoon of winter enjoyment. If you’ve been on the hunt for a great hill, check out these 10 spots around Rochester that our listeners say are their #1 pick for a fun afternoon!

Ice Castles Open This Week in Minnesota!

It might be cold outside but add a few more layers because the ice castles are worth it!

If you are looking for an adventure to take your family to this winter, throw on that long underwear, and don’t forget your camera!  The photos that you’ll be able to snap will be some of the most amazing.  Get more info and learn how to grab tickets at the link below.

Check Out the Gorgeous Ice Castles in Minnesota


What do you like to do for fun during Minnesota winters?  Last week I had an amazing winter adventure at GLOW Holiday Festival up in St. Paul.  If you have a chance to go next year, I highly recommend!  But I’ve also been tubing at Ironwood Springs and their hills are pretty amazing.  The warming shelter might be my favorite spot though.  #ILikeToStayWarm  Send me a message with your favorite on my Facebook page (Jessica On The Radio) or DM me on Instagram.

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30 Things People in Minnesota, Iowa, and Wisconsin Hate About Winter

When you think of the Midwestern states like Minnesota, Iowa, and Wisconsin, some people immediately think that we are freezing all the time. That’s not 100% true, just about 56% true. In fact, being cold and freezing is something that most of us don’t really appreciate about the winter months. That’s not the only thing that we despise though. Check out the rest and see how may you give a thumbs up to.

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