#parent | #kids | 10 Most Common Problems Teens Face in 2019

Only a few decades ago, the most common problems teens faced were finding a career path and starting a family. In fact, the word teenager” wasn’t even a thing until the 1920s. Today, however, teens are facing problems unique to our time. Here are the 10 most common problems teens face in 2019.

1. Acceptance

Even the most self-assured person struggles with acceptance from time to time. However, teens have it especially hard, due to their lack of maturity and perspective. The best thing we can do is offer parental acceptance. A recent study published in the journal Plus One showed that there was a significant link “between children’s psychological maladjustment and perceived paternal and maternal rejection.”

Help your teen feel accepted by assuring them of your unwavering love and guidance—no matter what.

2. Stress

The pressures teens face from school, parents and peers, can create ongoing patterns of stress. It’s imperative that we help them deal with life’s stresses in a few intentional ways:

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