#parent | #kids | 14 Board Games To Play If You Love Dungeons & Dragons

Complexity: Medium Light, Price: $42.89 (Amazon)

One of the great joys of any tabletop RPG is session zero, when characters roll dice and determine the attributes and backstories of their heroes. As in the video games that came after them, character creation in RPGs is often a rewarding minigame in itself, allowing players to tinker with different starting talents and skillsets to create the perfect hero. It comes as no surprise, then, that Thunderworks Games was able to turn character creation into a dynamic board game with “Roll Player.”

In “Roll Player,” you and your opponents will take turns drafting, placing, and manipulating dice to build the perfect hero. Using the abilities well-known to fans of “Dungeons & Dragons” (Strength, Dexterity, Constitution, Intelligence, Wisdom, and Charisma), the goal of each player is to balance their skills in the manner best suited to their class and backstory. When the game ends, players will add up the Reputation Stats they earned and declare the person with the most points the victor.

The result is a pleasant twist on the RPG experience with a “Roll Player” game ending just when the real adventure would begin. If you are a dedicated gamer and willing to cross the streams a little bit, you can even use your “Roll Player” creation as the basis for an actual “Dungeons & Dragons” character. Nothing will invest you in your character more than knowing how much you had to scrape for every single point.

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