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So, you know how to Renegade better than anyone and your TikTok videos always leave your friends on the floor laughing. Then why aren’t your vids getting the love you think they deserve? Don’t worry, you’re not alone, and I’m here to clue you in on a little secret that all the TikTok powerhouses know about: editing apps. Yup, people use outside apps to really make sure their videos stand out and you can too! Here are the 5 best editing apps that you need on your phone ASAP to take your TikTok game to the next level.

1. Jadu

Want to trick your friends into thinking you’re BFFs with a celeb. Or maybe you’re jealous of Nessa Barrett and you want her bae, Josh Richards to be in a video with you. Then you need to get Jadu, the app that literally puts holograms into your videos to make it look like a celebrity is standing next to you. Seriously, this one is way too cool.

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2. Glitchy

Give your videos a super cool retro vibe by using the effects on Glitchy. Show off your fave 70s outfits or do a cool 80s POV video and make it feel really authentic. Or, use the glitchy effect to go for a spookier vibe.

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3. Voloco

You’ve def heard people tell stories or read texts on TikTok with a crazy effect on their voice and it just makes the video ten times funnier. Well, the effect that makes their voice sound like that actually isn’t available on TikTok—you need a separate need a separate app for that. Luckily, it’s super easy to get on the free app Voloco. All you have to do is download it and select the effect “Big Chorus” and you’ll be ready to tell your own hilarious story.

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4. Dazz Cam

Not only does Dazz Cam provide a ton of cool, retro filters that will make your videos look like they were shot on a 16mm or 8mm camera, but if you have a phone model that has dual lenses, you can use their D3D effect, which turns your pics into 3D images and will surely make all your friends jealous.

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5. KiraKira+

Chances are, you already know all about KiraKira thanks to many influencers like the Kardashians who love to use it to make their jewels sparkle just that much more. But you can actually use the app with TikTok to add a little more glamour to your already fabulous vids.

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