#parent | #kids | A Doll and Application Teaching Kids How to Be Charitable: Elowen Marlowe Launches Her Maiden Campaign via Indiegogo

This First Campaign Will Help Save the Lives of Endangered Elephants and Rhinos.

We are facing a severe biodiversity crisis around the world. The rate of species extinction is accelerating, and rhinos and elephants are two of the most at-risk mammals.”— Neille Girvan

EDMONDS, WASHINGTON, USA, August 1, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ — Elowen Marlowe: the doll product, the doll advocate and influencer, and the doll philanthropist, has just started her journey with the launch of her first charitable campaign via Indiegogo. This cloth doll product comes with a unique online persona, and looks to make an impact on the world through different charitable initiatives. In her first campaign, Elowen Marlowe aims to raise funds via Indiegogo to prevent the extinction of elephants and rhinos.Elowen Marlowe is the brainchild of Neille Girvan, a female entrepreneur with creative skills across multiple mediums. Neille has used a variety of artistic and craft mediums to create a unique product with multiple high values. It is available in the marketplace as a designer toy product, and a percentage of all sales are donated to a great cause. When it comes to supporting a cause, Elowen Marlowe is an online persona and virtual influencer. Finally, this product is also an application host and educator dedicated to offering donations to charitable organizations and raising awareness to stop and reverse the rapid decline of the natural world.

Rhinos and elephants all over the world face severe threats from human-wildlife conflict, poaching, along with habitat loss and fragmentation. Elephant tusks and rhino horns are highly valued in the wildlife trade. Both these animals are important for the biodiversity of the planet and the ecosystems would suffer immensely without them.

“We are facing a severe biodiversity crisis around the world. The rate of species extinction is accelerating, and rhinos and elephants are two of the most at-risk mammals needing urgent attention. If we don’t change our course of action, rhino and elephant populations will continue to rapidly decline,” Neille explains. “Elowen Marlowe’s values can help create momentum for this and future generations to nurture wildlife and the natural world and reverse the effects of dangerous, life-threatening, and inhumane actions.”

Elowen Marlowe is looking to raise $50,000 through the just launched Indiegogo campaign. Proceeds from this campaign will be spent as follows.

10 % to be donated to the charitable organizations Save the Elephants and Save the Rhinoceros International to support the protection of elephants and rhinos in Africa

30% will be spent on mass production of physical products such as dolls, crocheted- styled wigs, doll clothes, and accessories.

20% goes to hiring staff to develop The Donation Wallet application that comes as a gift with purchase.

10% of each purchase will go into the customer’s donation wallet and be distributed according to the customer’s choice.

20% for hiring a creative marketing team including application developer, graphic designer, web designer, video producer, animator, photographer, content strategist, web developer, copywriter, and illustrator.

20% toward the development of the next line of wigs, clothing, and accessories for the next charity feature.

As a token of appreciation for all contributors, Elowen Marlowe is offering six unique perks, some providing a wide variety of doll clothing, wigs, and accessories that provide a fun and interactive experience with Elowen Marlowe.

“We invite all of you to be a part of this effort to help spread the word in order to launch Elowen Marlowe’s big heart out into the world and to help save the lives of elephants and rhinoceros. Let us work together to leave a better world for the future generations,” Neille Girvan added.

To make a contribution please visit the campaign at

About Elowen Marlowe: Elowen Marlowe was designed to shine a light on the efforts of charitable organizations through animated communication and heartwarming imagery. She is a cloth doll product with an online persona offering charitable giving opportunities through her world and everything of value within it. Elowen Marlowe was created by Neille Girvan, a female entrepreneur committed to the use and development of her imagination and creative ability.

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Elowen Marlowe Launches Her Maiden Campaign Via Indiegogo

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