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Getting your children hooked on STEM early can prepare them for futures in programming, robotics, engineering and much more. However, cultivating your child’s interest in largely math-based subjects can be challenging. could help, but you might want to consider a hands-on STEM kit like the Petoi Bittle to stoke that inquisitive flame at home. as part of our Every Friday is Black Friday promotion.

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The Petoi Bittle is a fun, interactive way to add a new member to the family, and all it requires is some coding smarts and a curious mind — no potty training needed. Successfully funded on Kickstarter, this palm-sized bionic dog is a robotics kit comprising a puzzle-like frame, servos, one NyBoard and a rechargeable lithium-ion battery offering one hour of run time.

Once you or your kids assemble the Bittle, you can program it using Scratch, C++ or . And since the robot uses legs rather than wheels, builders can learn how to create lifelike behavior such as gait and pet tricks. Your bionic dog can even traverse unstructured terrain.

The Bittle’s programming is handled in OpenCat, Petoi’s open-source framework which pairs with the NyBoard, a customized Arduino board. However, you can extend the Bittle’s functionality by pairing it with Raspberry Pi and other Arduino systems. Finally, the kit comes with a Bluetooth remote to control your new pet, but you can also send commands via the Petoi mobile and desktop apps.

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