#parent | #kids | ‘Basically our road is now Highway 6’: unsanctioned detour called dangerous

Crickets trying to croon their last summer seductions have been drowned out as vehicles of every size and shape barrel along a convenient detour stretch on Concession 10 between Springvale Road and Highway 6.

Problem is, it’s not the assigned detour route and, as Sandusk Creek Bridge on Highway 6 undergoes a complete overhaul for the next couple of months, residents are concerned for their safety.

“Nobody is walking this road anymore,” said Diane Elms. “I’m a runner, but my husband won’t let me run on the road anymore.”

The detour route was discussed and agreed upon by Haldimand staffers and members from the Ministry of Transportation.

The approved route turns south from Sandusk Road south to Highway 3, then west to Jarvis.

On the Jarvis side, detour signs have been absent and baffling, according to Elms, who regularly travels to Port Dover.

“It’s confusing,” she said. “There is not enough road signage, so they get to 55 and turn.”

From Hagersville, however, a small detour sign is met with three larger signs that say “Road Closed” before vehicles get to Garnet, see the construction blocking Highway 6 in Garnet and turn up Concession 10.

In 10 minutes, 42 cars and trucks rumble along Concession 10 and, according to the speed app CamSam, records speeds well over 80 kilometres per hour: later that day over a dozen transport trucks barrel along the otherwise peaceful road in the same time frame at speeds ranging from 60 – 95 kilometres per hour.

“Basically our road is now Highway 6,” said Elms.

OPP has reported only three complaints of speeding on Concession 10.

Spokesperson Kyra Hayes said that side roads without posted speed signage is 80 kilometers per hour.

“If residents have concerns about speeding, they are encouraged to contact the OPP,” said Hayes.

Neighbours have posted a “Slow down, children,” and speed is a concern.

Elms said she spoke to staff and that MPP Toby Barrett had passed her concerns to the Ministry of Transportation.

The ministry has stated they are aware of the increased traffic along non-detour routes and driver confusion regarding the signed detour route.

“The (Ministry of Transportation) has been working with Haldimand County to implement an enhanced detour signing plan which includes increased advanced notice and directional signs along the detour route,” said ministry spokesperson Renee Pollett.

She said that portable temporary electronic message signs have been deployed, and new static signs will arrive soon.

The county said they are not anticipating damage to roadways as a result of increased car traffic.

Hayes said that the ministry and the county work closely.

“Staff and representatives from the (Ministry of transportation) have been in contact multiple times, have visited the detour route more than once and have been continually adjusting and improving the signage where required,” she said.

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