#parent | #kids | Best gifts for runners in 2020

  • Gifting the runner in your life isn’t always as easy as just buying them a new pair of socks — not because they don’t want socks but because they already have plenty of socks.
  • Instead, think outside the norm and gift them something that can help them as they work toward their goals before, during, or after their actual runs.
  • To help, we’ve gathered a few thoughtful ideas from massage guns to a new pair of runners. 

Running is one of the simplest of sports. In theory, all you need is a pair of shoes and some shorts, and off you go. In reality, most runners love all the extra products available to make the sport a little easier and/or more enjoyable. There’s plenty of gear that fits into this category, which makes choosing a gift for the runner in your life a bit confusing.

Today’s runner might have a gear collection that includes watches for tracking speed and mileage, hydration systems, recovery tools, and more. That’s on top of the shoes, socks, clothing for every season, and popular apps for making the most of the time putting in miles. If you’re struggling with the overwhelm, we’re here to help sort through it all.

Here are some gift ideas to help the runner in your life stay in peak shape and ready to tackle any distance:

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