#parent | #kids | Children Under 5 Eligible to Receive COVID-19 Vaccine – NBC Boston

Today is the first day kids under 5 can get their first dose of a COVID-19 vaccine.

Temple Beth Shalom in Needham is one of the first locations that will be administering it, in partnership with Holzman Medical Group.

The rollout of the vaccines for kids 6 months through 4 years old will be a little different than the adult vaccine rollout a year and a half ago, and the 5-plus rollout seven months ago. The state coordinated pre-ordering vaccines for clinics and pediatrician’s offices, while pharmacies will be getting their vials through the federal program again.

But where you get your child vaccinated will likely depend on their age. Most pharmacies will only be vaccinating kids 3-plus, while Minute Clinics can vaccinate 18 months and older. You’ll want to check with your child’s pediatrician’s office, where families are being encouraged to get these vaccines – especially the youngest in this age group.

Parents will also have to weigh the decision of whether to get the two-shot Moderna vaccine or the three-shot Pfizer vaccine.

“We’ve been looking at all the advice, I think Moderna it’s two which is more convenient, but Pfizer will last longer, so I think honestly we’ll go with whatever’s available earliest,” said Melissa Wong, a parent.

“Ideally two shots because it’s less trips to the doctor, and in case it doesn’t go over well it will be less traumatizing, but I think with our infant the three is fine because she doesn’t know, and it doesn’t cause as much anxiety as it would in the slightly older children,” said Samantha Burns, a parent.

Besides calling your child’s pediatrician’s office or checking your local pharmacy, you can also look on the Vaxfinder website this morning for appointments.

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