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More from that Trump press conference earlier.

US President Donald Trump is insisting his administration has “met the moment” and “prevailed” on coronavirus testing.

The President addressed a Rose Garden audience filled with mask-wearing administration officials on Monday after two known cases of COVID-19 were reported among staffers in one of the most-protected complexes in America.

Mr Trump said anew that everyone who wants a test can get one, though officials later clarified that to everyone who “needs” a test.

Mr Trump commented even as the White House itself became a potent symbol of the risk facing Americans everywhere by belatedly ordering everyone who enters the West Wing to wear a mask.


Johns Hopkins University in the US says more than 80,000 people have now died from coronavirus in the United States.


It’s the highest number of deaths from the virus in the world, and accounts for more than a quarter of the global toll.

Over 1.3 million people have been infected by the virus in the country, about a third of infections around the world.


The press conference ended with an ugly exchange between Mr Trump and journalists. 

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