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SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — Text messages reveal a shocking interaction between a DoorDash driver and a teenage boy who ordered food while home alone.

The Sacramento County Sheriff’s office says a crime was not committed, and the boy’s mom says worried for their safety.

The incident happened Sunday night while the mom was away. CBS13 is concealing their identities for their safety. The following is a transcription of the text messages from the driver to the teen after he dropped off food:

[DRIVER]  Your very nice person



[TEEN] Thank you haha have a good night

[DRIVER]  You too

Do you live with someone or aline


[TEEN] I live with my mom lol

[DRIVER] Do you wanna come with me doing doordash


I’ll take you to hotel for food


[TEEN] Nah I’m not about that bro

[DRIVER] I’m not about that as well but I liked you my first time

I’ll come there

We can sit and talk

[TEEN] No bruh


Thank u

Ok have a good night!


You have not given me a bad comment yeah

The teen said he notified DoorDash after the driver offered to come back to his house to “sit and talk.” But when a family friend came to pick up the boy, they say they saw the driver sitting outside.

DoorDash told CBS13 they’ve removed the driver from the platform. They also deactivated the teen’s account since users must be 18 to use the app.

But the mom says she’s worried that driver could be driving for other apps now. She says they’re terrified because the driver knows where they live but DoorDash won’t give them the driver’s last name so they can file a restraining order.

The Sacramento County Sheriff’s office says they can’t investigate the driver because technically no crime had been committed. They say they’d have to be able to prove the driver knew the teen was under 18.

It’s a catch-22 for this mom: Police won’t investigate so her only option is a restraining order, but she can’t get one unless she has the driver’s last name, and DoorDash tells CBS13 that they won’t give her that information unless police request it.

We asked DoorDash if they notify other delivery apps after deactivating drivers and they say there is currently no system in place to do that.

In a statement, DoorDash said: “At DoorDash, we take the safety of our community extremely seriously and therefore conduct background checks on each Dasher. Following California regulations (which is also protocol in other states) –  those checks go back 7 years. Based on our background check, the dasher has a clear background check which covers the previous 7 years.”

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