#parent | #kids | Epic surf continues to thrill along the coast – Orange County Register

The run of big surf continues to slam Southern California – and there’s no sign of it slowing down in days to come.

A strong winter swell brought waves between 4-feet and 7-feet to areas like Huntington Beach, where surfers flocked to get their share of waves.

The latest run of swells has made it a great winter season so far for local wave riders.

A mega high tide in the morning that reached nearly 7 feet made for a lot of water movement in the morning and sand erosion at some spots, but a low afternoon tide exposed rocks and tidepools.

There’s another pulse of swell coming in late Wednesday, but for the most part, surf will be slightly smaller,  in the 3-foot to 5-foot range, through the week before dropping slightly for the weekend.

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