#parent | #kids | Everything Porter Moser said in his introductory press conference

NORMAN, Okla. — The Sooners officially introduced Porter Moser as the program’s 15th head men’s basketball coach in a Wednesday morning press conference. He replaces Lon Kruger, who retired following the season, and has immediately been greeted with quite the reception.

“Thank you for this unbelievable welcome,” Moser said. “President Harroz, thank you so much for this opportunity. Just enjoyed so much meeting you and your energy, and I’ll talk about that. Joe [Castiglione], I’m going to talk about your energy and your vision. But I first want to thank God for having his hands on me and my family, to put us in the situation and the opportunity to coach at Oklahoma. That is first and foremost in my life to thank.

“Second, I know President Harroz said when I look at the Moser family—when I look at the Moser family, I see a family who just stole all my gear. I had about five bags worth, and now I’m down to one. But my wife and I have been together for close to 30 years. She’s been in this coaching journey. And any coach’s spouse will tell you [that] you have to an amazing partner to go through with this. And she’s been by my side the whole time, and my four kids, who just had this go with the flow attitude of resiliency in this profession, and that is a big thing in this profession, and I’m so blessed to have this family core unit by my side.

“Joe, when I first started talking about Joe, his reputation precedes itself all over the country, in all circles, and that’s something that I was looking for as an alignment, because I had that alignment. And when you start digging in and really getting to know Joe and talking to him—I was Jesuit educated at Creighton University, and I’ve coached at a Jesuit school, and the Jesuit’s have a mantra, and it’s men and women for others—and talking to Joe and just seeing how much of a servant leader he is here at Oklahoma and how listening to his vision about what Oklahoma’s about was everything I was looking for. It was everything I was looking for.

“And building a culture takes time. Building a culture is at the utmost important how you do it, and what drew me to Oklahoma is winning the right way. And seeing the coaches, the outreach from the coaches here, everybody says the same thing. It’s a family atmosphere. It’s a family atmosphere. And to coach at the highest level in the Big 12 Conference, in a family atmosphere driven university is what any coach, especially me, covets and looks forward to. And that is what is so special about this journey.

“I want to thank Coach Lon Kruger for being the man he is, for being the coach he is. As a young coach coming up in this profession, never knowing that I would be in the shoes trying to attempt to follow him, he’s what a young coach aspires to be. He pours into his student-athletes. He competes with tenacity. And he has impeccable character along the way. And I’ve thanked him for a number of things: his ear, his advice; but I know what I’m going to be thanking him the most for is the months to come, because sometimes in this profession you can take over a new job and you walk into a culture and it is just horrible. It takes a lot of time. People here do things the right way, the student-athletes, the way they operate, the way they are academically, the way they are off the floor and in the community. It’s the right way. So I thank him for that.

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