#parent | #kids | Flashback: Sony Xperia Z1 Compact was the first to rebel against the phablet craze


Fiti, 54 minutes agoAliExpress sell reconditioned ones still if you want a brand new one. Over stocked phones these areThey do, but the battery life of those phones is very low, and I can’t find a new battery anymore as the manufacturer has stopped making it. I’d still get one as a collectible, and have browsed a lot of online stores, they do have these phones still lying around but they’re too expensive if I import them, as soon the ordered phone would land in my country, the customs would charge a very high fees that substantially increases total the cost of purchase


I’ve had this phone a few years ago. I can honestly say that it was the best phone I’ve had till that date and I’m still Impressed with the overall experience it gave me. That xperia line was very underated. It’s the main reason I’m still interested in Sony phones and, while I’m not using one at the moment, i m still interested in buying Sony phones in the future.


Phones turning into bricks.


i used this xperia z1c very compact mobile nice hold in palm

sony should start manufacture in india


L.O.R.D, 1 hour agoI’d buy this, if only I can find one that’s still available in good condition, which… moreAliExpress sell reconditioned ones still if you want a brand new one. Over stocked phones these are


Anonymous, 1 hour agoGalaxy Note series is not responsible for the giant screen trend. Chinese manufacturers are.
… more
You are 100% correct here.

The Asian market is highly spec focused, that’s why you see special Asian only models with extra RAM. For the same reason screen sizes have been growing to beat competitors. It just so happens with Globalism that trend and trickled into other markets.


Magic phone – although the smaller form factor started a model before with the Xperia ZR, a smaller version of the Z. I had ZR, Z1c, Z3c, Z5c and Sm writing this on an XZ1 compact. I am gutted there’s no real successor to the XZ1c – the compact line was Sony’s niche and they walked away. I like the look of the 5ii, just wish it was smaller!


I hope after the anouncment of iphone 12 android manufacturers will follow the trend and will produce some compact phones.i am with RN8 pro now but damn it is big and not confortuble to carry around.I need something between 5.5 and 6 inch.Fingers crossed


Galaxy Note series is not responsible for the giant screen trend. Chinese manufacturers are.

Even the infamous Note 7 had a screen size of 5.7″, just like Note 3 few years earlier. But the likes of Huawei and Xiaomi with the Mate and Max series reaching 6″ and beyond, and selling well pushed the boundaries. When you add the tall aspect ratio change, you get a generation leap in size, with Note 8 and its 6.3″ screen and a whole 1 cm taller body. A leap so big even Apple had to do it.

And people love it. Well, most of them anyway.

I had Note 3 and was really happy with the size, it was the absolute maximum for me, but still comfortable. Would buy Note 10 it had the headphone jack. Screw you Samsung for removing it.


I still have this phone and I am using it right now


In my opinion Xperia ZR was the first compact flagship in true sense. Please have a thought on this


What an incredible phone that was – sadly my Xperia 5 does not even come close to ergonomy and build quality of Compact line.

I really hope those rumours are true and they are resurrecting compact line in late 2021.

Apple proved iPhone SE 2020 sells well, iPhone 12 might be another proof manufacturers need to make small phones again. I mean do not drop the big ones, I get a lot of users love them, just don’t forget to make a compact version as well 😉

Compact phones for those who do not need a phone and a tablet in one.


I like this phone the best size now very big small phone are more better.


Z1c got my attention when I was looking for a successor to my Galaxy S2 (which died 2 weeks after warranty), but in the end, I went for a sort of risk and bought a phone from – then still largely unknown Chinese company – Xiaomi.

Xiaomi Mi2s had a similar form factor and while it lacked some of the Z1c’s premium features, it was also available for half the price. And boy that was by far the best phone I’ve ever had. Especially the MIUI 5 remains to be the best UX I’ve ever had on a phone to this day and neither Xiaomi, let alone Google are getting anywhere close to it.

I’ve used it for incredible 5 years, at which point the battery couldn’t really last for more than half a day and all the spares I’ve bought have proven to be faulty. (And, well, the age was starting to show with some apps.)

So after some disappointment with Z5c, I’ve settled with XZ2c. I miss the MIUI system apps and the 3.5mm jack, but, well… I mean it’s a solid phone, it does what it’s supposed to, but will never feel as awesome as Mi2s did. I was really proud to own the thing.

I’d really wish for Xiaomi to make a proper compact successor to Mi2s, but they don’t seem to be interested in such thing at all, so… should I need a new phone, Xperia 5-II would have to make do >_> That price tag scares me though, never went over 500€ with a phone and all of my androids were de facto flagships.


Best phone I ever owned, hands down. Still works. The battery is ruined, and the flaps covering the ports are destroyed. The display broke twice and had to go with a cheap aftermarket display the second time because of availability issues. It is very scratched and cuffed. But it still works, and pretty well!

Can’t express how fond I am of the form factor and the UI.


Maria, 1 hour agoOnly my imagination, if this Z1 was Nokia, I believe that Nokia was the king of Android phone … moreWhen android came out, a lot of people didn’t expect it to become so popular that it is today, including some companies that thought of making their own OS to compete with android, but they didn’t succeed and eventually they’re all dead i.e Windows Phone, BB10 etc. Nokia’s phone business was bought by Microsoft to make Lumia devices but as they ran WP, they hardly sold and eventually were discontinued. Nokia could’ve adopted android then but perhaps they didn’t see it’s potential or wanted to jump into the craze


I still got Z1 Compact at home 🙂 Its not functional now, but it was a great phone, compared to my S20+ its so tiny, like intended to be for kids


I’d buy this, if only I can find one that’s still available in good condition, which is unlikely. So waiting for Sony to revive the compact series and launch a device soon, but again, the screen is likely going to be bigger than 5 inches which won’t be truly compact, but let’s see what Sony does this time around


Only my imagination, if this Z1 was Nokia, I believe that Nokia was the king of Android phone as well. I am still wondering why Nokia was not making Android phone at that beginning of that time. Only my imagination.


Anonymous, 3 hours agoThe biggest question is:
Does it sell?
Do people still buy small phone?
Hope Sony/Other manufacturers make more compact flagships.

All I want from my perfect phone is to have the following:

An amazing camera – capable of taking the fight to the flagships

Snapdragon 8xx innards with expandable memory

5.2 – 5.5 inch screen (720p) is ok

4500-5000 MaH battery

IP 68 water proofing

Regular updates and a stock ROM

I want the phone to have heft I don’t like slim phones – I am sure anyone would happily trade a few extra mm of thickness for better battery life.

I don’t care for glass or fancy materials in the build – tough polycarbonate plastic is perfectly good.

I had the Xperia ZR and the Z3 Compact and I loved every bit of it. Poor software updates/optimization and terrible camera software let down an otherwise amazing phone.

What shocked me was how poor the camera quality was in my Sony Z3C after a couple of updates. This was particularly funny as backdated Sony sensors used by other manufacturers produced better results.

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