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Ask any programmer and they’ll tell you it’s not all about the code. Before programmers learn a single word of syntax to put between those brackets, they have to understand how to think like a coder. That mindset helps them develop problem-solving skills in math and science as an added bonus.

Unfortunately, children won’t get that mindset from just blindly interacting with their computers. If you want to convert some of your kids’ screen time into learning time, CodeSpark Academy is an effective way to do it. To your child, this app will be a treasure trove of games and puzzles they can dive into on long car rides or lazy Sundays. The big bonus: they’ll be building the foundation for a strong computer science education while racking up high scores—without even realizing.

In these games, players don’t just move characters around with a directional pad; they issue commands that mimic the steps of a computer program (albeit in a simplified and whimsical way). In games like Crocodile Catch and Pet Pals, pick up the basics of Boolean logic, build conditional statements, and execute loops. That may sound like nerd speak to non-coders, but kids won’t have to know the lingo to understand how it works. And with these games, they’ll be fully prepared by the time they’re called upon to start coding for real.

Thanks to the fun approach, Codespark Academy has been racking up multiple awards from teachers and parents groups alike, including the Kids at Play Interactive Award for Best App or Product for Young Children and even a Best Digital Tool nod from the American Association of School Librarians.

Want to see what all the hype is about? PCMag readers can get three months of CodeSpark Academy, on sale for $9.99—66% off the $29 MSRP.

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