#parent | #kids | HBO Documentary About Child Stars Drops Hard Truths

Showbiz Kids includes present and former child actors from a litany of backgrounds, experiences, and eras of Hollywood. Henry Thomas, who starred in E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial; Mara Wilson, who made her debut in Mrs. Doubtfire; Evan Rachel Wood, known for the film Thirteen; Cameron Boyce, the late star of Disney’s Jessie; Milla Jovovich, who began acting at 13 and went on to star in Resident Evil; Todd Bridges, who became a household name on Diff’rent Strokes; Jada Pinkett Smith, who not only was a child actor herself but is also a mother to child actors; Wil Wheaton, known for his breakout role in Stand by Me; and Diana Serra Cary, who became a huge silent film star at the age of two in 1920 all spoke about their experiences in the industry and didn’t worry about stripping away the glamorous exterior. The documentary also follows two aspiring hopefuls and their parents as they unpack the experiences they’ve had trying to break into the industry and the sacrifices they’re making to make it work.

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