#parent | #kids | Hillsborough Schools Stop Sports For 2 Weeks Due To COVID Cases

HILLSBOROUGH, NJ — After several possible positive coronavirus cases were reported in Hillsborough, the school district shut down some athletics programs for students in grades 7 to 12 for two weeks.

“Not only is the season, in terms of athletics, in jeopardy but our entire educational plan is in jeopardy because our community is having a difficult time acting in the best interest for each other,” Antunes said during Monday night’s virtual Board of Education meeting.

The cases were reported on Friday by Mayor Doug Tomson who also issued a health advisory for the township. The initial case was traced back to DC Gymnastics at 3 Jill Ct., Tomson said. Read More: Possible Coronavirus Cases Linked To Hillsborough Gym: Officials

Antunes stressed the importance of reporting accurate, timely information to the health department.

“Please do not allow your children to attend a party or social events that are not practicing physical distancing and remember face coverings are essential,” Antunes said.

Antunes added the township is experiencing an expansion in the number of positive COVID-19 cases.

“Those that are supposed to be quarantining are not doing so and putting many others at risk,” Antunes said.

She asked that athletes not go out on their own to practice on other fields, in town or out of town.

The school district still plans to reopen for in-person, hybrid learning on Tuesday, Sept. 29. However, Antunes asked students who may be symptomatic or need to quarantine to stay home.

Students coming to school are asked to bring a water bottle as water fountains will be closed. Water bottle filling stations will remain open.

“It is really important for everybody to take personal responsibility, wear a mask, and if you do come in contact with someone who has tested positive for COVID,” said BOE President Dr. Lorraine Soisson. “Please ensure you are truthful and you are doing everything you can to ensure the safety of our community.”

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