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Coronavirus cases in England were doubling every seven to eight days at the beginning of September, new data suggests.

It is estimated that between August 22 and September 7, 13 people per 10,000 were infected, compared with four people per 10,000 between July 24 and August 11.

According to the latest round of the Real-Time Assessment of Community Transmission (REACT-1) study, Covid-19 cases are shown as no longer clustering in healthcare or care home settings, as seen in May and June.

Experts say this suggests the virus is now spread more widely in the community.

Out of 152,909 swab results, 136 were positive, and prevalence doubled every 7.7 days, the figures suggest.

Professor Paul Elliott, director of the REACT-1 programme at Imperial from the School of Public Health, said the prevalence of the virus is “still quite low” but it has “gone back up again” since August. 

“”I think the really important thing here is that this system was set up as an early warning system. And I think it has picked up the signal early. And that’s being fed in to Government,” he said.

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