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When you’ve gotten more than halfway through Monster Hunter Stories 2, there’s a good chance you encountered a Barrel Felyne. If not you’ve at least found a quest asking you to find one and free it. But when encountered you find yourself in a battle with a barrel with two paws sticking out that only uses “Wait’n see” on one turn and “Flee” the next as you only do 1 damage to it.

You may just right these off or avoid them as you don’t want to waste your time but not only do you NEED to free one of these things to finish a good side quest, but they also give you a pool-full of experience points but they also give you exclusive items you need to make exclusive weapons and armor.

So how do we do it? Turns out, like my grandma always said, “Eric, sometimes it takes a barrel to beat a barrel.” It should be fair to point out that my grandma suffered from severe delirium but I think the advice actually holds here.

Heading into your inventory, take a Big Barrel Bomb and use that on the Barrel Felyne. Unlike everything else that does 1 damage, this’ll do a couple hundred damage and free the Felyne within.

Curious where to find one of these barrel boys? My favorite one, when I was trying to experiment on how to get it out, was in Pomore Garden. Head to this spot on the map and you’ll find one, just look closely because they are little.


If, for some reason you screw the pooch on saving the cat, you can reset the barrel felyne (only if you haven’t beaten it) by just ducking in the nearby area of Bloomburst, letting it load, then turning around and walking out.

Monster Hunter Stories 2: How tofree the Barrel Felyne


Now go have your “Save the Cat” moment (to all my literary nerds out there you know whom you are)

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