#parent | #kids | Humboldt third graders free bikes, inspiring role models, life lessons

With dreams of becoming a doctor, Dr. Gina Dieudonné would put band aids on her dolls and fix their injuries as a child.  

“When you start to think about what you want to do when you grow up, you start to focus on it, you start to imagine yourself being that and you want to be around people who are doing that and learn more about it,” said Dieudonné, now a pediatrician and the owner of Humboldt’s Rainbow Pediatric. “When kids are allowed to dream about their future, they’re good about protecting and pursing those dreams if we’re cheering them on and encouraging them.”

Kids need to grasp the importance of starting to dream, investing in their futures and working hard now, she said. That’s why she purchased bikes as part of a bike reward program through the Bikes for Kids Foundation.  

Third-graders at Humboldt’s East Elementary entered their gymnasium in early November and expected three of them to get bikes for essays they’d written.

To their surprise, all 100 would be going home with a bicycle, thanks to Dieudonné whose clinic has been in the Humboldt community since March 2007.

Adrian Mendoza, 17, from Humboldt High School, assembles bikes for 3rd grade students at East Elementary School. Third grade students received a total of 100 bikes and helmets through the Bikes for Kids Foundation on Tuesday, Nov 9, 2021 in Humboldt, Tenn.

The bikes were rewarded for students’ hard work on an eight-week curriculum challenging them to think and dream big about what they want to do in life, then to work hard for what they want.

From the curriculum, Dieudonné and older students who’d walked the same halls of East Elementary, the third-graders learned they could reach their dreams – even those they have now – by working hard, making good grades and not making excuses.

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