#parent | #kids | Hunter Valley police issue warning about dangerous conditions at Barrington Tops this weekend | Newcastle Herald

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Snow chasers are being warned about travelling to Barrington Tops this weekend due to potentially dangerous conditions. Hunter Valley police issued the warning due to a low pressure system that is currently moving over NSW. The Bureau of Meteorology has predicted potential snowfall at Barrington Tops, but a lack of moisture in the low pressure system may only create a small amount. Police said the wind chill factor was forecast to be -14C on Saturday and -11C on Sunday. Strong winds are also predicted. IN THE NEWS: “It is strongly recommended you weigh up the risk to go to the area, particularly with your children to see what is only forecast to be a small amount of snow,” Hunter Valley police said in a statement. “With unpredictable conditions particularly with the winds, roads and trails may become blocked without notice. “If your vehicle becomes stranded it may be days until it can be recovered. You may be stranded without assistance with your children for several hours and depending on your location, in your vehicle overnight.” Hunter Valley Police commander Superintendent Tracy Chapman said police had responded to a number of incidents in recent weeks where people had become bogged and needed rescuing. She said in one incident, 10 vehicles became stuck and 40 people were affected. “It is supposed to be quite hazardous,” Supt Chapman said. “There is limited phone service in the area and the wind chill factor is expected to be quite cold so people should be prepared for that if they do become stranded. Take warm clothing.” Police said for people who choose to travel to the area, they recommend staying on the main roads such as Barrington Tops Forest Road and Tubrabucca Road. “Many side trails can become blocked by tree falls and require a high level of 4WD skill to navigate,” police said. “You will also need to have considerable recovery equipment. It is strongly recommend you do not go onto any side trails.” Visitors are urged to download the Emergency + app, which provides a GPS location even when the user is not in service.


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