#parent | #kids | I’m stung by my teen’s college application season

DEAR HARRIETTE: My daughter and I have just completed the college application process, and we are emotionally and physically exhausted.

Harriette Cole 

She is an excellent student and a hard worker. She applied to a ton of colleges, and while she got in to a number of them, none was her favorite.

She picked a great college to attend, but I can’t help but be disappointed that she was rejected from so many. I have listened to other parents share their woes about this process, but right now it still stings.

I learned that there were record numbers of applicants this year due to two years of COVID-19 restrictions. The numbers made it hard for kids to be noticed when so many students were applying — especially to the top schools. Still, that doesn’t make me feel better.

I need to get over this. My daughter is happy with her choice. What’s wrong with me?

— College Bound

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