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Gone are the days of blocky brows and sharp-contrasted highlights and contours- today’s makeup trends have us seeking something more natural and timeless. All throughout social media, the no-makeup makeup has taken the stage, with makeup enthusiasts favoring classic, effortless-yet-effort-making looks.

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With this emerging style comes the topic of what effect makeup has on us; we’re all too familiar with the cakey, overly gooey, chemical-feeling makeup- which is exactly what led me to search for a specific kind of clean beauty.

I was so pleasantly excited to come across jane iredale– a brand not only focused on bringing forth makeup with goodful ingredients but also incorporating skincare into makeup. You read that right: jane iredale is completely changing the game as skincare makeup.

In a beauty world of no’s and don’ts, we are all about can. Beauty that can perform without harmful toxins. Beauty that can strengthen skin with beneficial botanicals. Beauty that can bring out your absolute best. Be a #BeautyThatCan.

– jane iredale

Especially as young adults, our skin can go through tough moments, but jane iredale‘s makeup is well crafted to be fit for troubled skin. “Each of our products is free from fragrances and fillers that can cause irritation, and we complete robust testing to ensure our formulas are safe and effective for even the most sensitive skin,” says the brand.

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I adore that the brand’s products are able to enhance everyone’s unique, stunning features; the point of makeup is to bring out your beauty, and jane iredale does so with sophistication and grace.

To shop, products are available at janeiredale.com, Bluemercury.com, Ulta.com, Nordstrom.com, Dermstore.com, And Amazon.com.

Achieving a perfectly glowing, minimalist no-makeup makeup look can be possible with just a few products- and Jane Iredale’s latest launches prove just that. Behold, our favorite makeup products that will be your new besties on your makeup counter:

A Smooth and Flawless Base

Your first step to any makeup look should be a good, trustworthy primer that will set the stage for foundation before you apply the color and the shimmer.

Shop the Smooth Affair® Mattifying Face Primer here.

Makeup always begins with cleansed, moisturized skin- then comes the primer. The Smooth Affair® Mattifying Face Primer particularly works magic to help your makeup last the entire night without smudging or creasing- and makes your skin look smooth and even.

This gorgeous primer is wonderful for making your face look like you stepped off somewhere luxurious and relaxed. Greasy, oily skin can offset a naturally glowing look, but this primer is made to mattify the skin and balance oil production. After applying just a thin layer on top of my face, my skin looked instantly matte without looking dry and didn’t spread into a shine during the day.

What’s more, the primer totally smoothened out any uneven texture on the face. Within a few seconds of absorption, all the pores and fine lines were blurred out, making it perfect to apply the rest of my makeup on top. Another one of my favorite things about the primer’s application is how weightless it feels. This sheer pink primer feels so lightweight, and after applying, you’ll forget it was even there!

That’s not all though; with jane iredale, you know you’re getting the best of both worlds with its skincare-enhancing properties. This amazing primer is capable of supporting your skin elasticity so that it doesn’t droop with constant makeup usage and delivers “powerful antioxidant protection.”

It’s so good that you can literally only wear this out for that naturally matte look. This primer is a totally game-changer for keeping your skin flawless and filter-smooth!

A Natural All-Over Coverage

After primer, the next step is to apply coverage all over any blemishes or uneven spots on the face. Although foundation can be great for heavy coverage, a lightweight BB Cream by jane iredale can do the job just as well.

Shop the Glow Time Pro™BB Cream SPF 25 here.

This lightweight cream is perfect for providing benefits to your skin like sun protection and is capable of lightly going over any blemishes to give your face an even foundation. It matches the skin tone so naturally, and seamlessly blends in to the face.

With a weightless composition, this cream applies like a dream to the face; I love how it gives the skin such a silky feel. It feels matte without being dry, and doesn’t have that sticky feeling; my favorite part is that it doesn’t feel like it’s completely coating the face. After all, you want your skin to feel like skin, no matter how much makeup you have on!

Plus, the effects are simply so visible. This stunning BB cream gives the skin a transfer-resistant coverage, making it great for staying on throughout the day, no matter how fun it gets. Although it’s much lighter than a foundation, it still provides amazing coverage; you can build on layers from medium to full coverage.

This cream is made for your daily on-the-go activities, as it includes SPF 25 physical broad-spectrum sun protection. Even on cloudy days, SPF is so important to protect your face from sun damage, and this cream combines tinted makeup to effectively multi-task. What’s more, this cream is water resistant for up to 40 minutes, making is a great bring-along for any moment.

This BB cream also provides wonderful benefits for the skin; this cream “gently exfoliates, moisturizes and revives dull skin”- keeping your face fresh and prepping the bare skin. Plus, it’s made with the best of carefully selected ingredients and is free from phthalates, parabens, GMO, synthetic fragrance, talc, and mineral oil- because you should always apply the best, safe products for your face.

A Sculpted Bronzed Glow

The secret to achieving a natural yet sharp contour is a bronzer stick; bronzers can help define your face’s structure by highlighting the shadows and shaping your face to your preferred angle.

Shop the Glow Time™ Bronzer Stick here.

Out of all the bronzers, I have to say that jane iredale‘s Glow Time™ Bronzer Stick is extra special for how beautifully it glides onto the skin and blends in for such a natural contour. I love that it’s not overdone, and subtly shapes and enhances your face.

This creamy bronzer stick has a thick, richness to the color without shimmer to really play on the realisticness of the contour. I love that the creamy texture allows it to be buildable- whether you want a light contour or a sharper contrast, this bronzer can do it all.

I just love how easy this bronzer stick is to apply to the face. The addition of Jojoba Seed Oil to smoothen out the skin totally makes this bronzer a smooth application to the skin. With just a simple brush-over with a good contour brush or even just your finger, this contour blends in beautifully.

The bronzer looks stunning on any skin tone, and really gives the illusion of a sun-kissed look. With a few swipes of this, you’ll look as if you spent some quality time by the beach- if anything, it’ll make you look effortlessly stunning and captivating.

This is perfect to use on the go; simply pop this into your purse and bring it with you everywhere you go for a quick touch-up!

A Rosy Pink Cheeky Flush

To really make your makeup look pop, all you need is a gentle flush of color to your cheeks. With jane iredale‘s stunning multi-task Glow Time™ Blush Stick, a pretty and dainty blush is simpler than ever.

Shop the Glow Time™ Blush Stick here.

This blush stick has a radiant creamy formula that allows the pink flush to truly brighten up the face. The creamy stick has a rich, smooth texture that allows for a buildable blush. It also blends in beautifully, making it seem as if you just took a light jog or spent some time in nature.

Plus, the stick container makes it so easy to use; all you have to do is swipe it across the face and blend it out with either your favorite blush brush or even your fingers. If the first layers are all done, you can just twist the stick for some more. The sizing makes it easy to bring it with you anywhere and everywhere as well for any touch-ups.

This blush stick is genuinely the easiest thing to use, and it delivers such gorgeous results- I can’t help but be obsessed.

I just adore how rosy and bright the colors are; the blush shades give you a healthy-looking flush and I love the way it looks so natural. You can even use this on the lips to match your cheek blush!

Plus, the blush is infused with Jojoba Seed Oil to hydrate the skin- keeping your face nice and smooth the entire time.

A Sheer, Silky Powder Finish

To top off all your makeup, you need to finish up with a sweeping mineral powder to have that silky, luminous glow. With jane iredale‘s Amazing Base Loose Mineral Powder, you can achieve a smoothened-out skin that almost looks as if you have a filter on!

Shop the Amazing Base Loose Mineral Powder here.

This airy mineral foundation helps provide light coverage to the skin. This powder helps conceal any redness and blurs out any fine lines and pores with a “soft focus effect.” After applying, I even noticed that the powder helped set my skin to make it much less shiny! I adore how lightweight this formula of powder is- it just feels so incredibly silky.

The powder is all about feeling glamorous, with its special powder-and-brush in one container. It’s genius and perfect to carry around with you, and minimizes any extra components to the product. You can even pop in refills- talk about easy and efficient!

Plus, the powder has a wonderful variety of shade options that match your tone; the powder hues enhance the skin to look as if it’s really that silky smooth!

I just love that this powder was created consciously to make it with the best ingredients possible. This powder is made from micronized minerals and is part SPF 20/15 foundation, powder, and concealer all in one. What’s more, this powder has been recommended by The Skin Cancer Foundation as an effective broad-spectrum sunscreen. If you’re looking for the perfect multitasking product that checks all the boxes for an ideal makeup look, this is it.

Plus, although it may be powder, it’s also water-resistant and reef safe for up to 40 minutes! Looking good doesn’t stop when you’re by the waters, and this powder makes it so convenient to go around wherever you want while looking gorgeous.

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Here’s to skincare makeup and looking flawlessly good and beautifully you!

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