#parent | #kids | Is your child into Randonautica? Here’s all you need to know about the app that led teens to a body

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In one video, a girl is in a car with one of her friends, presumably, and she is filming through her rearview window. In the distance, illuminated by headlights, a man appears to be approaching the car in the night while the two girls freak out.

In another video, a teenaged girl claims she set her intention as death and then saw a man in a gutter, with his wife on top of him, get shot. The user was driving in a car, in tears, as she filmed the video.

In another TikTok, a young man goes into the woods on his ATV, not telling the audience his intention. He comes across an old, abandoned car that’s surrounded by immature trees. Off camera, a “help me” is heard and the man sprints away.

With Randonautica experiences posted to TikTok, the ease of video editing native to the app can make it tempting to play up the theatrics. The veracity of the experiences is, in fact, no more true on Reddit, as it’s difficult to tell a person’s true intentions.

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