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Teen Mom 2’s Kailyn Lowry is debunking claims that she’s desperately using multiple dating apps to find herself a new love interest these days.

Kailyn Lowry of Teen Mom 2 is debunking claims that she’s desperately using multiple dating apps to find herself a new man these days. The mother of four boys is currently airing her new season, where she once again seems to have problems with her boys’ fathers.

Lowry has had the worst luck at picking the right men to date and have babies with. Most recently, she was arrested for a domestic violence attack in September against Chris Lopez. She is no stranger to major shading from the multiple fathers as most of her break-ups have been nothing but messy. Fans watched last season as Lowry found out she pregnant once more and then ignored by Lopez. Not to mention, Javi Marroquin trying to cheat on his fiance with her in the Wawa parking lot. 

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If you’ve never had to swipe right, count yourself lucky as the dating world is not always a fun place. It is that much harder if you happen to be a reality star looking for love in all the wrong places. Fans were quick to call out Lowry for using several dating apps after being told by the single mom on her Baby Mamas, No Drama podcast.  Lowry talked about her most recent experiences involving having to use Tinder to find a date and her overall experience with fake accounts, saying, “I don’t know if it was a jab at me or someone using me as a catfish, but if it was someone using us as a catfish, they wouldn’t want the emails to go to us.”

Kailyn and Chris Lopez

Lowry and Vee Torres have both been victims of catfishing and multiple other scams on the dating apps, which have left a bad taste in their mouths. The reality star also revealed that this weekend her name was used to sign up for a Plenty of Fish account, and she received 500 emails. However, she set the record straight that she was not desperate and just had been hacked. For her part, Torres was at the beach when she was inundated with emails. The two women were quick to point out that while it may seem funny to put fake profiles up, it could hurt their personal lives and affect their own marriages and relationships. 

MTV fans will recall that Torres is married to Jo Torres, Lowry’s ex and the Teen Mom star is possibly back with Lopez. The season premiere opened up with Lowry moving back to her old town in Delaware and building a new home for her family. Currently, none of the men in her life want to be filmed, so it will be interesting to see how the manless season plays out. 

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