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There is a new TikTok challenge that is not exactly dangerous to the person doing it, but it could be harmful to someone else.

The latest trend on TikTok is the ‘thickened water challenge,’ and there are some important things about this trend that moms need to know. TikTok is one of the most popular apps out there for children, tweens and teenagers. Even moms and dads latched on when the pandemic hit as a way to get some entertainment while living through lockdown. However, just like many social media apps, there is hidden danger there and TikTok has had some pretty dangerous trends. There was the tide pod challenge, the Benadryl challenge, and numerous other risky challenges that get a lot of attention on the app.

However, there is a new challenge that is not exactly dangerous to the person doing it, but it could be harmful to someone else, and it may mean mom needs to have a conversation with her child about engaging in this trend.

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According to She Knows, the newest viral challenge is the ‘thickened water challenge,’ and it has young tweens and teens running to drug stores to purchase Thick-it, a type of thickened water that is used by seniors, or people with disabilities, who have problems swallowing liquids without choking. It can be a lifeline for these individuals, but they may have a hard time finding it in stores when there is a viral trend going on.

This water is being purchased by people who do not need it, and they are making viral videos about how “weird” and “gross” it is, and then dumping it out. There have been numerous videos out there by nurses, medical professionals and those who rely on the product for them or a loved one, telling people that this product is not easy to get. It needs to be left for people who actually rely on it.

One TikTok user by the name @iammrsnesbitt made a video explaining why this trend is dangerous and disrespectful, you can view her video in full here.

While this challenge may not be dangerous to those who are partaking in it, it is a good teaching lesson in empathy and thinking of those who rely on this product for their health.

There is also concern around the stigma this trend brings for those who rely on it. When you turn this medical device into something seen as “gross,” it can be harmful to those who rely on it. This includes a selection of children who do rely on thickened water to be able to drink and get hydrated. While some TikTok trends are physically harmful, others are morally harmful and just as damaging.

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