#parent | #kids | Mom Bashed For Having Her Nails Done In Video About Her Money Worries

A mother’s TikTok which shows her being emotional about not being able to afford presents for her kids has gone viral on the app.

However, it has been met with several different opinions. 

The woman shared the original video to her TikTok account, @ms.j818, with the caption, “How do I tell my kids ‘Santa’ can’t bring there presents this year???” while the song Pope is a Rockstar by Sales plays in the background.  

The mom is shown wiping her eyes with what appears to be a new set of fake nails. 

The video has now been viewed 8.6 million times since December 20. The mother’s account also has her cashapp in her bio. 

Many criticized the mom for having her nails done while worrying about money.

The video recently went viral with nobodycaresanthony reading some of the top comments under the video. 

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It seems like a lot of people are judging the mom for being able to afford her nails but not gifts for her children. 

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