#parent | #kids | Mommy Minute: Free Planet Fitness teen ‘summer pass’

(WHTM) — Planet Fitness is offering a high school summer pass, inviting teens between 14 and 19 to exercise for free this summer.

“Well we know summer they’re out of school…they don’t have a lot to do and this is a great opportunity for them to stay active, be active,” said Justin Stezin, regional director of operations. “Maybe take them out of their parents’ hair a little bit and let us take that burden off the families. We’re excited about it.”

You can pre-register for the summer pass now and you’ll be reminded to formally sign up on Monday, May 16. Teens under 18 must register with a parent or guardian online or at the club. This is available at any of the 2,000+ Planet Fitness locations.

Teens can visit the gym from May 16 through August 31 totally free of charge.

Planet Fitness says a recent study found that 93 percent of American teens want to stay healthy and active over the summer, but many lack the motivation or access to do so. They wanted to offer a no-strings-attached solution to teenagers who normally stay active during school sports programs and gym classes.

The aim is to improve physical health at a time when screen time and obesity rates are up and improve mental health at a time when many kids in that age group are suffering.

“We really feel this is an opportunity for teens not only to improve their physical health but their mental health as well,” Stezin said. “Because when you workout, it’s not just improving your body, but your mind as well and we hope to be able to deliver that to the teens.”

Planet Fitness says 92 percent of teens in that study admit that when they are regularly active, they feel better mentally.

Parents of teens enrolled in the program can join for just $1 down and get their first month free.

If you’d like more information about the summer pass, click here.

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