#parent | #kids | New app connects Wildcats to paying public as part of NCAA’s new NIL rules | Wildcats

Heck, the rules still haven’t even solved all issues. International student-athletes still cannot be paid for their NIL — a group that, at Arizona, includes many of the Wildcats’ best and brightest.

“When all the forecasts were coming out, everyone thought a bunch of businesses would be ready to pounce,” Blaylock said. “Really, it’s been the opposite. We have student-athletes who are ready to go, ready to learn about business and how they can contribute, and it’s getting the businesses up to speed. … The ones having to evolve have been the business entities. Seemingly forever, that’s something they couldn’t engage in. It’s sort of evolving their thinking. That’s been, to us, one of the interesting things. Connecting with local, regional and even national businesses and saying this is OK to do. Our student-athletes can provide something specific that has value, and it’s not about convincing (businesses) but explaining to them that this is now all permissible.”

Guard Justin Kier said attending a “basketball school” helps with his personal branding.

‘The opportunities are limitless’

When Kier was looking for a new school after being given a sixth season of eligibility — he played his first four years at George Mason before transferring to Georgia, and then to Arizona — he was looking for a program in the spotlight.

“That’s one of the reasons I chose to come here, to be part of a ‘basketball school,’ a part of a blue blood,” he said. “I’ve already seen it in spurts. Man, they dig into Arizona basketball. It comes with excitement, pressure, a lot of things. To get where I want to go, and I know the team as well, you have to go through that. With his fan base, the DYME program can only blow us up. We’re like the Lakers in Tucson. People want to know about LeBron, AD and Russ do.

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