#parent | #kids | Pride Month Spotlight: America Chavez

Who Is America Chavez?

For years, America believed she hailed from an alternate dimension called the Utopian Parallel and that her mothers, Amalia and Elena, died while saving the multiverse. But in 2021’s AMERICA CHAVEZ: MADE IN THE USA, America learned those memories were largely false. In reality, America was born on Earth-616, and the Utopian Parallel was really an island owned by the megalomaniacal tycoon Gales. America and her little sister Catalina had a rare genetic disorder called Edges Syndrome, and their scientist mothers brought them to the island to find a cure for the lethal disease. 

After being exposed to magical interdimensional energy, America’s condition improved. She also developed several powers, including flight, super-strength, invulnerability and the ability to create star-shaped portals that cut though space, time and the multiverse. When Gales took a special interest in these abilities, Amalia and Elena died helping America escape the Utopian Parallel – without Catalina or any of other kids imprisoned on the island. 

Traumatized by the escape, an amnesiac America washed up in New York, where she was found by Javier and Cecilia Santana. Claiming her as a distant relative, the Santanas took Chavez in and raised her alongside their son Berto. Eventually, America began working as a hero around the Washington Heights neighborhood. However, the Santanas didn’t approve of America’s Super Hero activities, which drove a lingering wedge between Chavez and her adoptive family.

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