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While on the other hand, storylines of the robots and teleportation have not yet come to pass, Hollywood visionaries were the right to capture the entire impact of technology on the lives of humans. 

Communication in the 1980s will be with the help of postal services or dot phones.

A brief history of communication a decade ago, some of the terms such as the wearable technology would look like a far-fetched idea, yet today, we think nothing of it. With the help of the latest modern technology advancement helping to push for the AI, innovation has risen from the woodworks, and advanced latest technical robots are looking and even adopting behaviours that are even more resemble humans than the evil machines from the Terminator franchise.

With the information and communication technology has become unavoidable in our day to day activities, and it also has especially revolutionized how people communicate with each other. Communication technology has even taken a life of its own, which has yet evolved from the Instant Messaging (IM) on a desktop to video calls, which we make on our vacations and trips to Australia or Africa.

While on the other hand, as of now, we are increasingly more on track for a world that is at greater digitization, as it remains challenging to predict the future of the latest communication accurately. We have, moreover, selected three areas that we believe that best illustrate the evolution of human interaction thanks to the newest technology and the future of communication in every scenario.

A Modern Take on Business Transactions

In today’s world, businesses face a world of fierce competition in the market with the added pressure to invest in the latest technology and a strong customer service team. Some of the newest eCommerce companies like Amazon have embraced the dawn of the advanced technology and a result of which it had changed the face of the online competition.

They have even transformed the way we can efficiently conduct the business, which also impacts how we can communicate, at the time we shop.

The advanced latest technology has even reduced the need to go to a store for shopping physically, thus also diminishing the need for the social contract. Many of the businesses in today’s world have invested heavily in AI technology, such as the chatbots, which can quickly deliver the convenience and speed of customer expectations. It is also much more highly probable that shortly, the next time you hear, how I may help you? There is an AI-supported chatbot that will be the one asking that not a human. It is one of the significant developments in communication technology.

Moreover, the introduction of the Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality, means that in the future, you will now no longer have to guess that how your new couch will be looking in your living room and you can add up with a virtual spin to the business pitches.

The bottom line is that the VR and AR technology develops a further business meeting that can happen in the virtual realm, and setting up with a foot inside a store is a thing of the past. These scenarios being a distant possibility, soon is both unnerving, thus exciting at the same point in time.

A Young Form of Entertainment

Smartphones have also massively impacted the communication not only for the adults but for the younger generation mainly. Nowadays, it has become an all too realistic and common phase for the children to have a smartphone as their form of entertainment and even for educational purposes as well. This existing situation has also sparked the debate over whether today’s generation spends too much starting at the screens.

There are lots of pros and cons of introducing mobile apps to the kids: which includes the belief that it takes away a child’s ability to communicate and interact with each other among their family and relatives. While millennials are evenly going thought to have spent more time running across the playground and even biking in their neighbourhood, such forms of interactions have become much more increasingly rare with the help of an upcoming generation.

Mobile apps and smartphones have changed the definition of social interaction and entertainment, most probably amongst today’s families. A generation of children interacting more with their technology gadgets, which is a reality in the not too distant future.

The World at Your Fingertips

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With the evolution of communication, that is most visible in how we meet the people today in the new generation. Social media has individually played a significant role that has also fundamentally reimagined social interactions.

While on the other hand, the world is not new to the effects of globalization; the amount of access which each individual has to the world has skyrocketed. We are now no longer required to cautiously join the chatrooms to meet people outside our own respective countries, as well.

Some of the social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, LinkedIn make it possible to connect with anyone across the globe, no matter where we are. These platforms, on the other hand, have also changed the standard form of daily interaction with features for uploading videos, images, and stories of our day to day activities.

In today’s generation, we had also transitioned from a time when we used to meet with friends to communicate all the latest news updates of our lives into a period where they already know all about it because of our social media posts.

Moreover, the saying, please keep in touch, has become an actual possibility and one that is cost-effective. While it may seem that we have even reached the peak of modern communication, the truth is that we are likely to be far from it.

Elon Musk has gone so far to get to know that the future will see humans communicating via AI telepathy, and he has already founded a company to turn out his doom into a more realistic way. Even though this may seem to look weird, we have probably said the same about the high tech apparel a decade ago.

The Next Breakthrough in Communication is

We are even experiencing some of the exciting times, where the society is at the precipice of a new technological change. From the business to regular people, we are all part of a new chapter that has reinvented the way we need to communicate.

Improved access to the world and seamless connectivity does even bring its calibre of advantages and benefits. The two-fold result, moreover, is that also via which we have advanced means of communication, we are not communicating with each other more.

The social in social media has generated with its backslash by creating with a feeling of isolation; thus, we can shop, communicate, dine, and go about our day to day activities without even interacting with another person. It is not insane to think that the AI is telepathy as a real-world scenario somewhere down the line. Still, that potentially new chapter in the communication requires a much more to reexamine the meaning of the social contact.

As of now, the future of rapid growth of information technology and communication looks out to be more promising as possibilities keep expanding. What the journey of connection has shown us thus far is that the progress is inevitable, and with the massive popularity over the innovative technology, as it also looks to be more adjusting to a new change is far more comfortable than rejecting it altogether.

It is as of now natural that communication inventions have undergone some of the latest development via the entire history. It is also evident that the newest technology and telecommunication have even moved back to back and to the latest breakthrough, which was the mobile and internet devices that have also resulted in bringing the global telecommunications to a brand-new level.

Apart from the latest technical shifts, as the human’s relations and communications evolved, that also have added to the further development and some of the newer discoveries which looks like to be much more revolutionary even now, pushing it all forward from one level to another.

A Minute of History

Moreover, three main events in the history of the communication timeline became turning points and even led to the rise of the latest communication technologies.

The timeline of communication with pictures is visible in stone pictography of ancient times, which even gave rise to the first written communication.

Moreover, the invention of the papyrus, then the wax and paper, as well as the printing press in the 15th century which made it much more possible to transfer the first documents just like the stones which were immobile. It even enabled to expand the literacy with the help of a global and increase the level of communication.

The latest and the most revolutionary technical innovation was one of the latest widespread introduction and application of the electronic waves that even enabled with the help of wireless technology that, as of now, we know them in today’s world.

Undoubtedly, the most significant contribution to the development of communications technologies was the discovery of the internet. Without it, modern telecommunications would have been looking impossible. The essential evolution of communication technology from ancient to recent times was the introduction of the internet, which, with time to time, decreased the costs and increased the speed of the information transfer. History of communication in UK/US/India, as well as other European and western countries, revolutionized with the world wide web.

Possibly to lower the costs and even increase the speed of communications services enables the bringing communication to the new level of quality, which is the most widely consumed services all across the globe.

Moreover, the respondents to the Reuters Institute in the year 2015 Digital news Report indicated that how the individual’s people consume news:

● 11% paid for communication over the web,

● 26% accessed it with the help of a smartphone,

● 32% shared news stories with the help of an email and social media.

And this a drop in the sea which is in comparison with the other types of telecommunications. Because of the lion share of its belonging to the SMS: which is more than 560 billion texts that are sent every month across the globe, which makes the text messaging the most used data services around the world. But for the world of the internet, it would not have become so affordable to the average people nowadays.

Ways Technology Has Changed Communication

In today’s world, it is easy to know the historical development of communication that has changed the digital communication timeline even at the domestic level and caused some of the significant changes in the sphere of the latest discussions.

 New vs. Traditional Media

The face of communication has been dramatically affected by the help of conventional means of media. The points are that the old-fashioned printed media experience fear that innovative web-based and mobile apps like Instagram, Twitter, Viber, Skype, and Facebook will sooner or later substitute it entirely and will also become the first place the readers will go in search of news.

New vs. Traditional Marketing

Marketing in today’s world has also realized with the help of multiple communication channels. Moreover, technical progress has affected it dramatically, as well. The truth is that both small and big firms can no longer rely on traditional advertising to get the profit quickly. Newer and newer means which are used to organize a more effective communication between the customers and business and attracting some of the new customers with the help of a bulk SMS messaging and the social media channels have now also become the most widely used methods. Apart from that, some of the marketers often resort to the following set of plans:

● Native advertising aims at driving the clients to a site with the help of inserting a supporting link inside a news feed, which always provides some of the value-added content.

● Sticky advertisement, which is a retargeting advertisement chasing users throughout the other websites which they visit.

● Automating the customer relationships in the process of marketing, which allows the building of the drip-style email campaign based on customer triggers.

● Collection of big data that enables the marketers to collect a wide range of amounts and predict across the globe what their target audience might want or do next.

● SMS messaging strategy, which even enables crafting communication, and addressing all the stakeholders, satisfying their specific needs.

Digital PR

Availability and overabundance of social media made Public Relations extremely challenging. At the same point in time, it widened the potential accessibility and the speed of the reaction. Nowadays, PR managers should be much more diligent the way the use of the information, because the one that owns the data, owns the world, you know.

Communication devices

With the help of modern communication devices developing an excess of present-day advancements, which become less expensive and quicker, it makes it simple for the clients to remain associated even on the run. it utilizes cell phones unlike the list of old means of communication where one had to wait for hours in a queue to make a phone call on the booth.

Everybody these days has a PC or a tablet at home, carries it to work or the other way around, and so on. It may cause a few dangers of information ruptures for the enormous enterprises. That is the reason the two gatherings: the associations and the labourers, ought to be prepared to confront the results as the likelihood that labourers may utilize their own devices in the work spot. It suggests that correspondences (and IT) specialists might be permitted to investigate them since business-related data might be used by labourers both on and off the clock.

Workspace Communication

 All the previously mentioned makes experts think increasingly outside the firewall since openness of gadgets and applications instead humour them correspondence in the system, than in genuine. Nonetheless, enabling association representatives to get to some electronic documents and work email outside of a business firewall is demonstrated to build efficiency. Such inclinations wouldn’t wind up clear yet for the media communications’ innovation leap forward.

Media communications Nowadays

Even though quickly developing innovations may end up being both a revile and a gift for any business, still, it expands efficiency in times. Indeed, even despite the way that promoting and advertising is in effect, always bothered by innovation excess, inside correspondence has additionally been changed and raised to a more elevated level.

In any case, in light of the current situation of an exceptional and always expanding challenge available, both the clients and the associations must remain balanced. They should mind that utilizing the most recent innovation patterns for the association improvement needs attentive arranging, a deliberately considered correspondence methodology, bolstered by proficient essential correspondence and an exhaustive media correspondence examination of dexterous field experts.

A positive take a gander at how correspondence has developed with the new advancements is the way to accomplishment in any business. What’s more, here, at BSG, we bear that in our brains for a definitive outcome in what we do the best in the domain of broadcast communications — giving the first-class mass SMS informing around the world.

Information and Communication Technology

The definition of ICT by different authors is that it is becoming more and more part and parcel of teaching, as it would be interesting to see the development of the ICT process within the last few decades.

A brief history of ICT

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The term computer, which mainly comes from the Latin’ computus’ and ‘computers.’ Both the Latin words mean to determine by the mathematical means or by any of the numerical methods. The English verb computes the same meaning.

Moreover, a computer is a programmable electronic device that can perform the exact calculations and logical operations efficiently, especially one that can quickly process, store and retrieve massive amounts of information at a very faster pace. Personal computers are also employed for manipulating the graphics or text, accessing the internet, or even playing games or media.

The main components of a computer are:

  • Central Processing Unit (CPU),
  • Monitor/TFT,
  • Keyboard,
  • Mouse.

The Internet

The internet was first invented as a result of the researchers, which were conducted in the early 1960s by the visionary people like the JCR of MIT. The latter then saw the added value of some of the allowing computers to share some of the meaningful information on the research and development in the military field and scientific field. That is why he proposed a global network of computers in the year 1962 and then moved to the Agency of the Defense Advanced Research project Agency in the last 1962 to head the work to develop it.

The Web

While many of the people use terms like the evolution of information technology and the web, they are not synonymous, which is mainly ICT for development. The internet is a vast network that links millions of computers across the globe. Machines in this network can easily communicate with each other computer as they long as they are connected to the internet. 

The web of the worldwide network, moreover, is a way of accessing information over the medium of the web or the internet. It is an information space of a model or a model that is merely built on the top of the internet where the documents and some other web resources are identified by the Uniform Resource Locator, informed termed as a web address. This space is even interlinked by the hypertext links and can be accessed with the help of the internet.

The World Wide Web was invented by the English Scientist Tim Berners Lee in the year 1989. He wrote the first web browser in the year 1990 while employed at CERN in the country, Switzerland.

What’s the difference between all these three Web 1.0, Web 2.0, and Web 3.0?

They simply represent the evolution of the web in the last two decades. Moreover, here is the summary of their characteristics:

Web 1.0

Web 1.0 was the first phase of the WWW evolution. Furthermore, content creators provided content for the full range of users who were only consumers or the readers of that content.

Some of the essential features of Web 1.0 were as follows:

  • It was based on basic HTML, which is a computer language.
  • It was a read-only web.
  • It was also characterized by the slow connection speed.
  • The software was costly, generally on the DVD or CD to be installed.
  • It was described by the static web pages.

Web 2.0

Web 2.0 was the next evolution of the internet. It is much more sophisticated and is even characterized by its social aspect. Just like Web 1.0, Web 2.0 is many to many relationships.

Here are some of the features of Web 2.0:

  • It is characterized by the speed.
  • The pages are dynamic, which means that there is a possibility of interactivity between the web and users.
  • It is both a read and writes web.
  • It is based on the more sophisticated language of computers like JavaScript, PHP, and MYSQL.
  • The software is more accessible. It is online or can be easily downloadable.

Web 3.0

Web 3.0 is a third evolution of the internet as an extension of Web 2.0; it is also called by the name as Semantic Web. It is characterized by connective intelligence, concepts, applications, connecting data, and ultimately people. The development of the ICT process is also kept on growing at a faster pace.

Here are its features:

  • Immersion
  • Cloud technology
  • Machine Comprehension
  • Users are served more intelligently
  • Personalized information
  • Everything is connected.
  • Read, write, and execute the web.

Development of ICT in education

Many of the educators saw in ICT the potential of raising the quality of learning and teaching. So, here is what it can provide to school:

Promotion of equity in the education sector

Teachers professional development

Universal access to high-quality education

Efficient education management in terms of administration and governance.

Evolution of ICT with examples

ICT can offer different Web tools:

  • websites
  • wikis
  • blogs
  • forums
  • applications

What’s next?

The evolution of ICT is promising. The web will surely be going to be even more possibilities.

Web 4.0

Web 4.0 or the symbiotic web that will lead to an interaction between the machines and humans in the symbiosis. Computers would be much more intelligent in reading the content of the internet and react fast by offering superior quality content.

Web 5.0:

Web 5.0 or the emotional fifth web, is a version that is still under the developed underground. The network will interact with the users and will be able to recognize their emotions easily. So far, the internet is neutral as far as the feelings are concerned. It will also undoubtedly be going to be changed in the future.

History of information technology in India

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The abilities and plan of the system generated through the late nineties, with the primary office application showing up in 1951. At the beginning of this, most system activities were diminished to estimations. The projects that drove them needed to discuss legitimately with components of the PC. It is the development of communication technology.

For instance, to add one number to another, the developer would need to compose a guide to bring one number from a zone of capacity into a register and afterwards bring the second number from another named territory of size and include it in a similar record.

Data innovation, as we probably are aware it today, would never have occurred without the improvement of standard language programming. The first programming language included a progression of codes, which were numbers. Early software engineers, for the most part, originated from a science foundation.

During the 1950s and mid-1960s, on the off chance that you needed to be a software engineer, you would need to get a four-year college education in arithmetic initially. At the point when electronic PCs initially showed up during the 1960s, built up processing staff all originated from the electrical and mechanical building, science, and insights foundations. New abilities necessities implied that the principal data innovation employments went to architects and mathematicians.

As PCs advanced, the idea of a compiler, or translator, wound up conceivable. It is a program that is for all time inhabitants on the PC and is the very premise of a working framework. The mediator could interpret projects written in essential guidance sets – called low-level computing constructs – into the machine guidance code.

History of electronic communication

Electronic communication is any communication that is based on electricity. The basis for this was as of now not properly harness until both the alerting current and direct current power were mastered and polarized in the late 19th century. Thomas Edition warned that the direct current voltage was much safer and enjoyable, and thus should form the basis of a national power company. Moreover, the alternating current voltage had better transmission capabilities, and although it is much more dangerous, it becomes the basis for new electrical power. These fundamental truths would also ultimately form the foundation for modern electronic communication. All the connections established with an alternating electrical current will also be investigated.

Morse Code

Morse code is a method or a rule for encoding text into a series of dots and dashes that can be quickly sent through light, sound, or any of the radio waves, and that can be decoded easily by a skilled listener without any of the specialized equipment. The system is even named after the American Artist Samuel Finley Breese Morse, who also co-developed by an electrical telegraph system at the beginning of the year 1836. It is just like an ancient means of communication pictures.

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