#parent | #kids | SCHOOL CONFISCATED ITEMS: Potentially dangerous items being confiscated in local schools

PITTSBURGH – With a new school year underway, administrators across the Pittsburgh area are working to make sure students get the most out of each school day. That includes confiscating items that might pose as a distraction or danger.
Channel 11 News went to two local schools to ask administrators what kinds of items they’re finding early into the school year.
“There’s a lot out there, and it’s hard for adults and educators to stay ahead of what students can purchase,” Jill Fleming-Salopek, principal at Harrison Middle School in Baldwin, said.
In the Baldwin-Whitehall School District, Juuls, vape pens and cellphones top the list of items that are most confiscated.

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By week three of the school year, administrators collected three in the high school, and three more in the middle school. School officials said one tested positive for THC.
“That’s three vapes, but that doesn’t mean only three students are smoking the vapes or Juuls,” Fleming-Salopek noted. “So typically, if one has one in the school, they’re sharing it.”
Another issue in the middle school is cellphones. Students are supposed to keep phones in their lockers because they can be a distraction in class. Fleming-Salopek added pictures or videos in class can lead to cyberbullying.


In the Canon-McMillan School District, administrators have confiscated several vapes this year, including one that looked like a large jump drive.
Canon-McMillion High School assistant principal Ken Crowley said students who don’t vape are getting frustrated.
“They’re hearing in the media all the issues about the kids getting pneumonia, kids potentially passing away, and now kids who don’t vape are concerned about their health as well,” Crowley said.
Each district recommends parents talk to their children about the dangers of vaping.


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