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#parent | #kids | See The World’s Largest Corn Hole (bags?) Board In Wisconsin

May 21, 2022, is a day that will go down in Big Bend, Wisconsin history as the day of the Cornfield Cornhole Event with the world’s largest CH game board. And I do mean largest. Do I have evidence…yes, your eyes, look at that thing!

I saw it on @ohhyoubetcha’s Tickity-Tock.  So I searched for a full news story. Couldn’t find a thing on NBC, CBS, ABC, CNN, Fox…nope. No coverage. FAKE NEWS! You know where I did finally find an account of this beautiful beast? The Wisconsin State Farmer.

According to the WSF, it went down just outside Milwaukee, where they anchored a very big catapult to a huge John Deere and launched custom bags toward what can only be described as a scrumtrilescently* huge bag board. *

Why? Why A Giant Cornhole Tournament?

Credit ohhyoubetcha – Link in video above.
Credit ohhyoubetcha – Link in the video above.

It was free to play, they had music, and “limited-edition “For the Farmers” cans of Busch Light beer.” And the reason? A fantastic cause.

The event, sponsored by Busch Light and John Deere, was a unique way to support farmers in a big way by raising awareness for Farm Rescue and the needs of America’s farmers. (Source)

Credit @ohhyoubetcha – Link in video above.

Credit @ohhyoubetcha – Link in the video above.

Credit @ohhyoubetcha – Link in video above.

Credit @ohhyoubetcha – Link in the video above.

Donations and a portion of the sales of the special edition Busch Light cans went go to Farm Rescue, “a nonprofit that provides critical support to farm families who have experienced a major injury, illness or natural disaster.”

“Since 2005, Farm Rescue has assisted more than 800 farm families by providing planting, haying, harvesting, and livestock feeding assistance to farm families, giving them a chance to recover and continue their livelihood by providing the necessary equipment and manpower, free of charge, to get the job done.” (Source)

I don’t care where you come from, that is flippin’ cool!

Credit @ohhyoubetcha – Link in video above.

Credit @ohhyoubetcha – Link in video above.

And I sure wish someone would build one in Byron, Plainview, Chatfield…even Predmore!

*If you’re not familiar with the scrumtrilescent word, “scrumtrilescent” here is the source material.

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