#parent | #kids | Skip Peacock–Here Are The Best Streaming Services Worth Your Money

More than ever, people are turning to streaming services in order to get their entertainment. Whether it be watching moves, TV shows, or originals content, these services offer up programming just as good–and sometimes higher quality–than what cable or satellite TV can provide. And watching on-demand services has never been easier, as users can watch on-demand video on their computer, television, phones, and video game consoles. Premium channels like HBO and Showtime are also getting into the streaming game as well, offering standalone apps, including the recently released HBO Max. But for those who aren’t ready to leave cable, there are also services streaming local channels to your streaming device as well. Live TV streaming services are also a legitimate rival to TV, and that’s not changing anytime soon.

The days of an Netflix merely complimenting your cable package are gone. There are a ton of options out there now, for better and worse. Subscribing to one streaming service is a steal compared to cable, but sticking to just the best TV streaming service isn’t as convenient as it used to be. Most services don’t have access to all the TV channels like Comedy Central, As you rack up subscriptions to other services, the combined price can start to look a lot like that cable bill you were so eager to ditch. Even just a combination of the most popular services–Netflix, Hulu, Disney+, and Prime Video–will cost you $30 a month on the low end.

To help you make the best decisions, we’ve put together this handy guide outlining the best TV streaming service you should get in 2020, depending on what you’re looking for. We weighed both cost and content and will continue to re-evaluate over time as services change and new options become available. Streaming services are popping up left and right, and not all of them are worth subscribing to–we’re looking at you, Peacock–but there are a growing number that offer great, differentiated content.

If you’re looking to stream anime, we also have a dedicated roundup of the best anime streaming services. There’s also plenty of streaming options that won’t cost you anything; check out our best free streaming services guide.

Best variety, most content

The Witcher

Price: Basic – $9/month, Standard – $13/month, Premium – $16/month

Notable original content: Black Mirror, BoJack Horseman, The Haunting of Hill House, Stranger Things, The Witcher, Russian Doll, The Irishman, Ozark, Mindhunter, Aggretsuko

Supported Devices: Roku, Roku Streaming Stick, Roku TV, Amazon Fire TV, Fire Stick, Fire Tablet, Apple TV, iPhone, iPad, Android TV, Android phones, Android tablets, Google Chromecast, Nvidia Shield, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, smart TVs, Blu-ray players, and web browsers.

Bottom line: If you can only subscribe to one streaming service, Netflix is the clear winner.

Netflix is the reason competition in the streaming space exists. The online DVD retailer turned video streaming giant has had a far larger impact on the home media industry than any of the other services on this list. Even with its stranglehold over the streaming industry, Netflix hasn’t rested on its laurels. It remains the most popular streaming service for a reason–well, many reasons. Netflix has the largest and most varied collection of programming of any of the services available today. Its library includes a diverse array of original movies and TV content with a bounty of cable shows and popular films, including a nice selection of great anime and even some original anime. But Netflix doesn’t just produce multi-episode series that’ll keep you binge-watching through the weekend: it also makes feature films and documentaries that eat only a couple of hours of your time.

It’s a cliche, but Netflix really does have something for everyone. If you’re a fan of superheroes, The Umbrella Academy and a slew of (now-canceled) Marvel shows are available to stream. If you want to watch some of the most innovative modern comedies, Russian Doll and I Think You Should Leave have you covered. If you like horror, The Haunting of Hill House is there to make you sleep with the lights on. True crime buffs can don their thinking caps during Making a Murderer. And it’s the only place to watch Martin Scorsese’s latest film, The Irishman. Netflix even has a dedicated section for children’s TV shows and movies that’s filled with enough animation to keep the kiddos content for the long haul. Anime fans can also enjoy some excellent original anime like Carole & Tuesday, Aggretsuko and Devilman Crybaby, and some popular shows like Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood, Death Note, and Fairy Tail. One of the few drawbacks for sports fans is Netflix’s lack of live sports coverage. Unless you count the occasional MMA documentary, Netflix isn’t the place for sports, and certainly not live streaming sports.

Netflix subscriptions start at $9 per month, which lets you watch on one screen at a time in standard definition. For $13 per month, two users can watch at once, and the resolution is bumped up to high definition. If you’re sharing your subscription with your family and friends (everyone does it), the $16 premium subscription is the way to go, as it allows four users to watch simultaneously and supports 4K Ultra HD for compatible content. It’s also the service most likely to be compatible across all of your streaming devices, which makes this app hard to pass up for pure convenience alone.

Best for reluctant cord cutters

Castle Rock
Castle Rock

Price: $6/month (with ads), $11/month (no ads), $45/month for Hulu + Live TV

Notable original content: Marvel’s Runaways, The Handmaid’s Tale, Ramy, Castle Rock, Shrill, The Path, Veronica Mars, The Mindy Project, 11.22.63, The Act

Supported devices: Amazon Fire TV, Android, Apple TV, Google Chromecast, iOS, Mac, Nintendo Switch, Roku streaming stick, Roku streaming TV models, select Samsung and LG smart TVs, Echo Show, PS4, Xbox One, and web browsers.

Bottom line: Hulu is best for those who want to get into current TV streaming.

Hulu’s main draw is its plethora of cable TV shows, making it a different style of streaming service than Netflix. Hulu adds a significant number of episodes the day after they air on TV, making Hulu the natural choice for those who are hesitant to abandon traditional cable. In the same respect, Hulu is probably not the best bet for those who still have cable. While Hulu has some great original programming, including The Handmaid’s Tale and Castle Rock, the brunt of the library features shows that you can easily find each week or on-demand TV. Hulu occasionally has some good movies to stream, but television is definitely the focus here.

Hulu’s cable TV content is extremely varied and includes shows from ABC, Adult Swim, Fox, FX, NBC, and many other networks. There are far too many shows to list here, but here’s a snapshot of what Hulu has to offer when it comes to scripted shows: This Is Us, The Good Doctor, Family Guy, Bob’s Burgers, Rick and Morty, It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, Preacher, The Terror, and NOS4A2. Popular reality shows like The Bachelor and Survivor are also available. Hulu even has a nice collection of anime, including popular series like Naruto Shippuden, My Hero Academia, Attack on Titan, Cowboy Bebop, and Sailor Moon.

For now, Hulu remains a great option for recent cord-cutters. And if you haven’t cut the cord just yet, subscribing for a month or two to binge some of the original content is certainly worthwhile. Hulu subscriptions start at $6 per month. It’s a bargain for sure, but the $6 tier has ads. For $11 per month, you can enjoy all of Hulu’s content without ads. With PlayStation Vue out of the picture, Hulu is the clear winner when it comes to breaking away from cable.

If you mainly use your cable subscription to watch sports or other live events like awards shows, the Hulu Live TV package is a stellar alternative to your set-top box cable, especially if you have smart TV. For $45 Hulu becomes a mostly complete TV streaming service; you get access to Hulu’s streaming content and a ton of channels, including ESPN, Fox Sports 1, and major news networks. Hulu Live TV users get to follow their favorite sports teams from the NFL, NCAA, NBA, MLS, MLB, and NHL, and it allows sports fans to record their games, provided they’re available. And if there’s a major cable channel, chances are you’ll get it or be able to pay for it.

Best live TV streaming service

YouTube TV
YouTube TV

Price: $50/month

Notable networks: ABC, CBS, Fox, NBC, Disney Channel, ESPN, AMC, Fox Sports

Supported devices: Android phones, Android tablets, Android TV, Apple TV, Iphone, Ipad, Google Chromecast, iOS, Nvidia Shield, Roku, Chrome web browser, PS4, Xbox One, Vizio SmartCast TVs, and select Samsung and LG smart TVs

Bottom line: YouTube TV offers the experience of cable at a lower price.

There aren’t too many Live TV streaming services quite yet, and YouTube TV is essentially your current cable service at a lower price with the backing of Youtube and Google. Unlike Sling, YouTube TV comes with live-streaming of the four major TV networks: ABC, CBS, Fox, and NBC. Overall, it offers more than 70 channels, including all of the most popular news and a large number of sports networks. YouTube TV does fall a bit short in device support, especially compared to the other competitors covered. What it does have is the most flexible cloud DVR, which allows users to store their programming for up to nine months after recording, including standard pause/rewind and fast-forward features available.

YouTube TV is a better service than Sling TV simply because it gives you more options. You pay for those added options, though. YouTube TV costs $50 per month. It’s also more likely to be included on third-party devices like Fire TV. Add-on networks include Showtime, Fox Soccer Plus, Shudder, Sundance Now, and Starz. Like Sling TV, HBO isn’t available on this service. You can stream simultaneously on six devices, which means you can share your service (and split the cost!) with family and friends.

Best budget live TV streaming service


Price: $30/month for Blue or Orange, $45/month for Blue + Orange

Notable networks: ESPN, TBS, TNT, AMC, FX, Cartoon Network, USA, TLC, History, Disney Channel, Nick Jr.

Supported devices: Amazon Fire TV, Amazon Fire tablets, Android, Apple TV, Airplay, AirTV, AirTV 2, Google Chromecast, iOS, Mac, Nvidia Shield, Select LG Smart TVs, LeEco devices, Roku Streaming Stick, Samsung Smart TVs and Blu-ray players, web browsers, PS4, Xbox One, Xfinity X1, Xiaomi Mi Box, ZTE devices, and Oculus devices.

Bottom line: Sling is the best live TV streaming option for sports fans.

Sling TV is for cord-cutters who don’t want to drop the cable experience. Sling TV offers live TV streaming for more than 50 networks, including ESPN, TBS, TNT, FX, CNN, and many more. It also houses a library of on-demand TV shows and movies from its supported networks. What you won’t find on Sling TV are major networks channel like ABC, Fox, CBS, and NBC.

As a cable alternative, Sling TV is pricier than the more traditional streaming services on this list. There are three plans available: Sling Blue, Sling Orange, and Orange & Blue. Both Sling Blue and Sling Orange cost $30 per month (first month is $20). There’s some crossover between the two plans in terms of channel lineup, so you’ll have to compare the two to see which one has more of the channels you want. Alternatively, you can get all of Sling’s live TV channels in the Orange & Blue plan for $45 per month (the first month is $35).

Best and cheapest live TV service if you don’t watch sports or news


Price: $20/month

Notable networks: AMC, BBC America, Comedy Central, Discovery, Food Network, Game Show Network, History, MTV, Nickelodeon, Travel Channel, Vice

Supported devices: Mac and Windows (on a web browser), iPhone and iPad, Android phones and tablets, Android TV, Roku, Apple TV, and Amazon Fire TV

Bottom line: Philo offers up cable channels that other streaming services may not have, primarily channels like MTV, Travel Channel, and others–58 in total. It’s a straight-forward service that features live TV, recording content as it airs, and VOD for a very reasonable price. In fact, compared to Hulu Live TV, YouTube TV, and Sling, Philo is the cheapest of the services.

However, that may be because it’s missing channels you may want to watch. Local affiliate networks are not on the service, and you won’t find any sports channels here either. If you’re planning on staying informed with the news, you’re not going to get that here. Philo is strictly entertainment television, ranging from music to comedy to reality TV, and the vast majority of the channels included on the service you know or have heard of. There isn’t a lot of bloat here. If you feel like YouTube TV or Sling is a bit too pricey and offers up too many channels you don’t want to watch, you may want to move to Philo.

As for using the service, the UI on both desktop and on apps is easy to navigate and understand. The layout all makes complete sense, and searching for a TV show or movie is easy. If you like a certain TV show, you can favorite it, so it always pops up right at the top of the home page. Additionally, if you like a specific channel, you can do the same, and it will be the first channel you see in the guide. Philo has a great understanding of what its users want in an app.

Best for kids

The Mandalorian
The Mandalorian

Price: $7/month, $70/year

Notable content: The Mandalorian, Forky Asks A Question, Star Wars: The Clone Wars, scores of Disney, Pixar, and Marvel movies

Supported Devices: Amazon Fire TV, Android phones, Android tablets, Android TV, Apple TV, Google Chromecast, Iphone, Ipad, LG smart TVs, Nvidia Shield, web browsers, PS4, Xbox One, Roku, and Samsung smart TVs

Bottom line: Disney+ is the best streaming service for kids and young adults who want to relive their childhoods.

Disney+ launched to much fanfare in November 2019 thanks to the debut of the first live-action Star Wars show, The Mandalorian, and an eclectic library filled with a treasure trove of Disney and Pixar movies. If you’re mainly subscribing to a streaming service for your kids, Disney+ is the way to go.

Though Disney+ is rather limited when it comes to fresh original content right now, there are plenty of original TV shows in the works to get excited about, especially for Marvel fans. WandaVision and The Falcon and the Winter Soldier are slated to arrive in 2020, while Loki, Hawkeye, Moon Knight, Ms. Marvel, and She-Hulk are on the docket for 2021. There’s also the upcoming Obi-Wan Kenobi Star Wars series to look forward to.

For now, the main draw of Disney+ is its vast library of Disney, Pixar, Marvel, National Geographic and Star Wars content. This includes classic Disney animated films like The Little Mermaid and The Lion King, Pixar hits like The Incredibles 2 and Wall-E, the first eight films in the Skywalker saga, and the majority of the MCU movies–Disney+ is brimming with popular content that is fun for the whole family. Disney+ also has a collection of Fox content, including the first 30 seasons of The Simpsons and movies like Home Alone and The Sandlot.

Disney+ costs $6 per month or $70 per year ($5.83/month). You can also purchase a $13/month bundle that includes Disney+, Hulu (with ads), and ESPN+. Verizon customers with unlimited plans can get a free year of Disney+.

Amazon Prime Video

Best streaming service you probably forgot you had

The Expanse
The Expanse

Price: $9/month (video streaming only) or $119/year for full Prime membership

Notable content: The Expanse, The Man In The High Castle, Bosch, Jack Ryan, The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, Good Omens, The Boys, Homecoming, The Tick, Fleabag, Psycho-Pass 3

Supported devices: Live channel features only available on Amazon Fire TV; channel content can be accessed through your web browser and compatible smart TVs, Blu-ray players, PS4, Xbox One, set-top-boxes, Fire tablets, and by any device that supports Prime Video Now

Bottom line: Amazon Prime Video has a great library, but it’s best for those who also use other Prime benefits.

Amazon Prime Video is an interesting streaming service because it comes bundled with all Amazon Prime subscriptions. We’d imagine that a sizable contingent of Amazon Prime members subscribed for the free one- or two-day shipping, not the huge library of movies and TV shows. But Prime Video is actually pretty darn good.

Prime Video features a growing collection of original content, including standout TV shows like The Expanse, The Boys, Fleabag, and The Man In The High Castle. It also receives movies distributed by Amazon Studios such as The Big Sick, Manchester by the Sea, and Beautiful Boy.

While Amazon Prime doesn’t have quite as robust of a library of network content, it does have some of the best shows released over the last two decades. HBO hits like Six Feet Under, The Wire, The Sopranos, Boardwalk Empire, and Curb Your Enthusiasm (through Season 8) are all available to stream. Prime Video also houses some excellent network TV, including The X-Files, Star Trek: The Next Generation, The Americans, and Justified. A kids’ section features a fairly large selection of both live-action and animated shows and movies. Prime Video also has a nice selection of anime, including Vinland Saga, Psycho-Pass 3, and Made in Abyss.

Amazon Prime costs $119 per year (roughly $10/month). You can skip Prime shipping perks and subscribe to Prime Video for only $9/month, but what you lose out on is far more valuable than the minuscule savings. Prime Video is great, but if you already subscribe to Netflix, you’ll find a lot of overlap with the exception of the HBO backlist. With that said, we recommend Prime Video for those who will make use of their Amazon Prime membership.


Best original series and movie selection


Price: $15/month

Notable original content: Succession, Barry, Insecure, Watchmen, His Dark Materials, Big Little Lies, Westworld, Curb Your Enthusiasm, Game of Thrones, True Detective

Supported Devices: Apple TV, Android TV, iOS, Android, PS4, Xbox One, Chromecast, web

Bottom line: HBO was already home to some of the best TV, and HBO Max adds an impressive back catalog of movies you can’t watch anywhere else.

It’s no secret that HBO produces some of the very best TV series ever made. In the 2000s, The Wire and The Sopranos defined TV. In the 2010s, Game of Thrones captivated millions of viewers each week. Just last year, HBO released arguably the best show of the year in Watchmen and pushed one of the best ongoing dramas, Succession, to new heights. HBO also excels at comedies, with the wholly engrossing Barry leading the pack and the pivotal Curb Your Enthusiasm wrapping its 10th season earlier this year.

Now with the new HBO Max service–which is included with HBO Now and cable HBO subscriptions–HBO is even better than before thanks to the addition of roughly 1,300 movies at launch. The massive new collection of content solves HBO’s longstanding the problem: It wasn’t always worth it to keep your subscription when your favorite show wasn’t currently airing a new season.

With the arrival of HBO Max, it’s easy to recommend HBO’s platform as a year-round subscription service that has the potential to rival the biggest streaming players like Netflix and Hulu. HBO Max is currently streaming recent movies like Us and Detective Pikachu as well as a staggering number of older movies. You can watch plenty of Godzilla films, every Harry Potter movie, and every Studio Ghibli movie for the first time on a streaming service. A big library of DC comic book movies and a long list of films from the Criterion Collection are available to stream. TV shows like Doctor Who and Friends (both exclusive to HBO Max) help bolster the back catalog even more.

The only big downside to HBO Max right now is that it’s not available on Roku or Fire TV, which has made for some confusing messaging on how to watch the service. Hopefully the biggest two streaming platforms will be supported in the future. Still, it’s hard to find too much to complain about with HBO Max when you consider the simply excellent library of content available already. It’s pricier than other services at $15, but you’re getting the best selection of movies in addition to all of HBO’s popular programming.

AppleTV Plus

Best at bringing Steve Carell back to TV

The Morning Show
The Morning Show

Price: $5/month, $50/year

Notable original content: The Morning Show, For All Mankind, Dickinson, Servant, Snoopy in Space

Supported Devices: Amazon Fire TV Cube, Amazon TV Fire Stick, Apple TV, Iphone, Ipad, LG smart TVs, web browsers, Roku, Roku Express, and Samsung smart TVs

Bottom line: AppleTV Plus has a lot of star power, but it’s limited on content.

AppleTV Plus launched the same month as Disney+. Unlike Disney+, however, AppleTV Plus is entirely focused on new original content. Though that fact makes AppleTV Plus interesting, it also means that it’s low on content at the moment. However, Apple has secured big names to both star in its productions and work on them behind the scenes.

For instance, The Morning Show, which follows a group of newscasters, stars Steve Carell, Jennifer Aniston, and Reece Witherspoon. Servant, an unsettling show about hiring a babysitter to take care of a doll, comes from the mind of M. Night Shyamalan. In addition to series aimed at adult viewers, Apple TV Plus has a new Peanuts show called Snoopy in Space and multiple Sesame Workshop in the works. AppleTV Plus’ Silicon Valley-esque show Mythic Quest: Raven’s Banquet will be of interest to video game fans. Set in a video game development studio and starring Rob McElhenney of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia fame, Mythic Quest is binge-worthy comedy.

AppleTV Plus is worth checking out, especially at the reasonable price of $5 per month or $50 per year. Since the service is so new, it’s too early to say if it will be something you’ll want to hold onto for the long haul, though.

CBS All Access

Best for Star Trek fans

Star Trek: Picard
Star Trek: Picard

Price: Starting at $6/month

Notable original content: Star Trek: Picard, The Good Fight, Star Trek: Discovery, Why Women Kill, No Activity, Stephen King’s The Stand (upcoming)

Supported Devices: Roku, Roku Streaming Stick, Roku TV, Amazon Fire TV, Amazon Fire Cube, Amazon Fire Stick, Amazon Fire Tablet, Apple TV, Ipad, Iphone, Android TV, Android phones, Android tablets, Playstation 4, Xbox One, Google Chromecast, and web browsers

Bottom line: CBS All Access features new original programming, but it’s really geared toward those who want access to CBS’s historical library.

CBS All Access has been around since 2014 and is the first streaming TV service from a major television network. It started out mainly as a place to stream both ongoing and old CBS shows. While its library is still primarily comprised of shows you’d watch on CBS, the service now has a growing assortment of original shows, including the new Star Trek: Picard, Why Women Kill, and the upcoming adaptation of Stephen King’s beloved novel, The Stand.

CBS All Access’ slate of original programming probably isn’t worth subscribing to if you have cable, though. It’s best to look at CBS All Access as another subscription that can be dropped and re-added as new exclusive shows arrive on the service.

That said, if you do not have cable and want to watch current CBS shows, CBS All Access is your best bet. Unsurprisingly, CBS doesn’t license many of its shows to services like Netflix and Hulu. You’ll also be able to watch CBS sports content with CBS All Access, including NFL games and March Madness.

CBS All Access with ads is $6 per month, while the ad-free subscription costs $10 per month.

Disclosure: CBS is GameSpot’s parent company.


Best for horror fans


Price: $6/month, $57/year

Notable original content: Creepshow, The Last Drive-in with Jo Bob Briggs, The Core, Primal Screen

Supported Devices: Shudder website via PC or laptop, Iphone, Ipad, Android phones, Android tablets, Android TV, Roku, Amazon Fire TV, PS4, and Xbox One

Bottom line: Shudder is the best streaming service for horror fans.

AMC’s Shudder has been around since 2016. Catering specifically to fans of horror, Shudder’s library has grown substantially over the years. In 2019, Shudder released Creepshow, a horror anthology series and stellar follow-up to the classic film directed by George Romero and written by Stephen King. Season 2 is currently in the works. Though Shudder is still finding its footing with original programming, there’s no denying it offers the widest collection of classic and contemporary horror.

Shudder features the expected classics like Psycho, Halloween, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, The Birds, Phantasm, and Night of the Living Dead while also housing a substantial library of horror films and shows you may have never heard of before. Yes, giants like Netflix, Hulu, and Prime Video have some horror, but their selections are nothing compared to Shudder.

Shudder costs $6 per month or $57 for an annual membership ($4.75 per month). To help you find the type of horror movies and shows you’re looking for, Shudder has a huge list of curated collections to browse.

DC Universe

Best for comic book fans


Price: $8/month, $75/year

Notable original content: Krypton, Titans, Doom Patrol, DC Daily, Swamp Thing, Young Justice, Harley Quinn

Supported Devices: Web browsers, Iphone, Ipad, Apple TV, Android phones, Android tablets, Android TV, Amazon Fire TV, Roku, PS4, Xbox One, and Amazon Kindle

Bottom line: DC Universe offers a treasure trove of content for DC fans.

Released in 2018, DC Universe is home to a growing slate of original DC programming and a vast back catalogue containing DC shows and movies, both live-action and animated. Most notably, DC Universe has Titans, a mature, live-action follow-up to Teen Titans, and Doom Patrol, which moves into its second season later this year.

Though DC Universe doesn’t have very many original shows at this time, it does have an impressive back catalogue. You’ll find a ton of animated Batman movies, including Batman: Hush, Batman Ninja, and Batman: Year One. Superman is also prominently represented with The Death of Superman, Reign of Supermen, and the 1978 movie starring Christopher Reeve. Animated shows like Batman: The Brave and the Bold, Justice League, The New Adventures of Superman can also be streamed in their entirety. DC Universe subscribers get daily update videos courtesy of DC Daily, which chronicles all of the DC news you need to know.

DC Universe is fairly pricey at $8 per month, but a $75 annual subscription can save you some cash. Naturally, DC Universe is geared toward dedicated fans of DC Comics. Subscribers also get the added bonus of having access to select digital issues of comic books. Since HBO Max will also have DC shows (such as the previously exclusive Doom Patrol), you could get your DC fix elsewhere. However, we’d definitely recommend DC Universe for those who are fans of DC’s animated shows and movies.


Best for sports enthusiasts

30 For 30
30 For 30

Price: $5/month, $50/year

Notable content: 30 For 30, Peyton’s Places, NBA Rooks, Detail, ESPN FC, UFC Embedded

Supported Devices: web browsers, Iphone, Ipad, Apple TV, Android Phone, Roku, Google Chromecast, Amazon Fire TV, PS4, Xbox One, Oculus Go, and Samsung smart TVs

Bottom line: ESPN Plus doesn’t replace cable, but it still has its positives.

Before diving into what ESPN Plus is, it’s important to relay what it is not. ESPN Plus doesn’t give subscribers access to live sports and events airing on ESPN, ESPN2, or ESPNews. That means you won’t get to watch NBA, NFL, or MLB games. However, ESPN Plus does have out-of-market MLS games, tennis tournaments, UFC events, and more niche sports (at least in the US) like cricket and rugby.

ESPN Plus also has a number of exclusive shows such as Peyton’s Places and Detail, which is hosted by former NBA star Kobe Bryant. It also has the entire library of ESPN’s riveting 30 For 30 documentaries.

ESPN Plus is more of a supplemental service for the average sports fan. At $5 per month or $50 per year, the service has a friendly price, especially for tennis and soccer fans.

WWE Network

Best for WWE fans

WWE Network
WWE Network

Price: $10/month

Notable content: All pay-per-view events, 205 Live, NXT

Supported Devices: Amazon Fire TV, Android TV, Apple TV, Google Chromecast, Roku, PS4, and Xbox One.

Bottom line: For the pay-per-view events alone, WWE Network is worth the cost.

Pay-per-view WWE events like Royal Rumble, SummerSlam, and WrestleMania typically cost around $50 through your cable provider. The WWE Network costs $10 per month and lets you watch every pay-per-view event. It’s not hard to see the value in the WWE’s streaming service, even if you only care about a select few pay-per-view events per year. But the WWE Network has so much more than the latest pay-per-view events. It has almost the entire back catalogue of WWE, WCW, and ECW pay-per-views as well as many behind-the-scenes shows, documentaries about your favorite wrestlers, and even some reality shows. Even if it didn’t include access to current PPV events, WWE Network still has enough content to satisfy hardcore wrestling fans.

Whether you’re an enthusiast or simply someone who watches WrestleMania each year, the WWE Network is a worthwhile investment. Since you can cancel your subscription at any time, you can technically get each PPV (and sometimes two or three) for just $10. While you may be satisfied with your current cable slate of WWE shows–SmackDown, Raw, NXT–you cannot beat the value with WWE Network when it comes to pay-per-view events and historical content.


Best variety of new and old anime

A Place Further than the Universe
A Place Further than the Universe

Price: $8/month, $23/three months, $80/year

Notable anime: A Place Further than the Universe, Keep Your Hands Off Eizouken!, In/Spectre, Laid-Back Camp, Konosuba

Supported Devices: Google Chromecast, Iphone, Ipad, Android phones, Android tablets, PS4, Xbox One, and web browsers

Bottom line: Crunchyroll has the largest selection of anime.

Pre-dating the streaming wars, Crunchyroll debuted in 2006 and has since become a one-stop shop for anime lovers. While Crunchyroll does have the option to stream shows for free, you’ll have to endure ads, watch in lower resolution, and wait a week for new episodes to be added to the service. Crunchyroll Premium grants you access to HD simulcasts from Japan an hour after they air and eliminates ads.

Crunchyroll’s library is massive, featuring more than 900 shows and movies to choose from. Simply put, if you want the largest variety, Crunchyroll is the way to go. Since Crunchyroll’s split from Funimation, more dubs have appeared on the service. There are still a lot of shows that only have subs, but Crunchyroll is making a concerted effort to add more English dubs, especially when it comes to the most popular shows like Konosuba.

Crunchyroll Premium costs $8 per month. If you’re on a budget, it’s great to have the option to watch for free, but if you watch even semi-regularly, premium provides a far better experience.


Best for dubbed anime


Price: Premium – $6/month, Premium Plus – $8/month, Premium Plus Extra – $100/year

Notable anime: Plunderer, Magia Record: Puella Magi Madoka Magica Side Story, Infinite Dendrogram, Sorcerous Stabber Orphen, Smile Down The Runway, 22/7, Toilet-bound Hanako-kun

Supported Devices: Apple TV, Iphone, Ipad, Android phones, Android tablets, Android TV, Amazon Fire TV, Amazon Kindle, Roku, Xbox One, Playstation 4, Google Chromecast, Samsung smart TVs, and LG smart TVs

Bottom line: Funimation is the best service for dubbed anime.

Funimation lets you stream a small selection of its library for free, but you’ll need a premium membership to unlock the entire 500-plus anime catalogue. Funimation has its own selection of exclusive anime such as Plunderer and Sorcerous Stabber Orphen. It has heaps of classic anime, including the widest selection of Dragon Ball content to stream.

It’s also worth noting that Funimation has Simuldubs, so you can watch some anime at the same time it airs in Japan with dubs. You cannot always watch with dubs immediately, but all Simuldubs anime is available to watch within two weeks of its air date in Japan. If you favor dubbed anime, Funimation still beats Crunchyroll despite the latter’s recent effort to offer more dubs.

Funimation has three different premium plans. For $6 per month, you get access to the entire Funimation library and can stream on two devices simultaneously. Premium Plus costs $8 per month and offers five simultaneous streams and the ability to download episodes to watch offline. The $100 Premium Plus Extra membership comes with a slew of perks including five simultaneous streams, offline viewing, annual anniversary gift, two pay-per-view rentals, and more.

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