#parent | #kids | Teens accused of killing girl’s father seen in video joking about murder

LAS VEGAS (WJW) — Days after allegedly killing and attempting to dismember her own father, a Las Vegas teenager and her boyfriend recorded a video in which they joked about the murder.

Our sister station KLAS reports Sierra Halseth, 16, and her boyfriend, Aaron Guerrero, 18, face charges of murder with a deadly weapon, conspiracy to commit murder, first-degree arson, four counts of credit card fraud, conspiracy to commit robbery, and robbery with a deadly weapon in the death of Sierra’s father, Daniel Halseth, 45.

Halseth’s body was found in his garage on April 9. Detectives say it appears his body was burned head to toe, KLAS reports.

In the video discovered by investigators, Guerrero begins by saying: “Welcome to our YouTube channel. Day 3 after murdering somebody.”

Halseth then laughs and says: “Wow, don’t put that on camera.”

Court documents state that police found items including a chainsaw, handsaw, scissors and knives, KLAS reports. There were also multiple bottles of lighter fluid found.

Police say when his body was found, there was a smoldering area in the living room and that the house smelled like lighter fluid. They say the fire was likely set to cover up the crime.

KLAS reports the couple had been planning to run away together to California, and their parents told them they couldn’t see each other.

The couple was arrested in Salt Lake City.

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