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#parent | #kids | The Lighthouse App Launches To Protect Kids Against Inappropriate Content In Real Time

“Block porn before your child sees it”, did you ever think these words would pass your lips?

I certainly didn’t, but we live in a world that is so much bigger than what we are exposed to and know off. Porn is very real, and your kids are being served this on the internet. Let’s delve a little deeper…”

Whether your kids are babies, threenagers or teens – our job as parents is to protect them from any-and-everything trying to hurt them or take away something from them.

With 20% of porn viewers in SA being underage and 20% of those viewers being under 8 – we need to get together and fight for those who simply cannot do it for themselves.

Meet The Lighthouse App, your Internet Guardian – a fully managed network protection service that uses AI to dynamically analyse and block inappropriate visual content. Lighthouse is the only parental control in the world that can analyse and block inappropriate content in real-time, even from new or unclassified websites.

Using your unique “child-safe VPN” technology, The Lighthouse App works in the background of your child’s device while they surf the web, analysing and blocking any inappropriate content in real-time. Other parental control tools merely block KNOWN websites.

The Lighthouse App picks up and blocks the visual content itself, even when coming from new or uncategorised websites. Lighthouse is the only parental control service in the world that can do this!

Our kids are going to school in a time where computers and the internet are part of everything they do, from the classroom to socializing.

This can be positive and negative for their progression into adulthood. Access to boundless information comes with an unprecedented exposure to inappropriate content – including videos and images which simply cannot be unseen!

Your kids are – unwillingly being introduced and exposed to pornographic material without (their) and your knowledge and the physiological effects can be hazardous to their future and development. It needs to stop!

“Lighthouse is an app ALL parents NEED! I’m sure most parents will agree with me when I say that we have all been waiting for an app like this, an app that can protect our children from the inappropriate content that’s available on the internet.

I love how it’s easy and quick to download and set up. I love how it works in Real time and how you as the parent set the restrictions.

Basically there is nothing not to love about this app. Thank you for creating this amazing app for our kiddies!” says mom, Keziah.

Expensive firewalls and web filtering often cannot stop a child from seeing what’s on the other end of a link, or from seeing what Google search results bring up after an innocent search. Sadly, traditional solutions just cannot fully protect our children anymore.

Mom of two, Mariska Holder, adds, “The Lighthouse Internet Guardian app is a must have for any parent! Especially in today’s age where pornography and inappropriate content sneaks their way through the simplest things like YouTube etc.

The web is not a safe space for our little ones and therefore we need all the extra protection to keep them safe while they are on the internet.

As a parent, I can now have peace of mind and know that my kids are protected when they are online. And absolutely love that this app gives you the opportunity as a parent to set the rules for your kids!! Can not recommend this app enough!! The best!”

Searching for Thor’s Hammer is no longer an innocent search, because the reality is that for every superhero your baby looks up to, there is a porn equivalent.

We need to get together and Allow Our Kids to be Kids for Longer!

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