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— The WELL, which offers tutoring and programs for Wake County teens, is bringing back its Teen Talk series for teenagers and parents.

The series includes sessions just for teens, called Teen Talk, and sessions just for parents, called Teen Talk 2. The programs take place via Zoom, starting March 16. They run through mid-May.

The programs are offered with expertise from N.C. State’s Community Counseling Education and Research Center.

Here’s what’s scheduled with descriptions courtesy of The WELL:

Teen Talk: More than words: Changes in Communicating

4 p.m., March 16. This session for teens focuses on enhancing their ability to communicate with family members during stressful times. Register here.

Teen Talk 2: Parenting Through a Pandemic

7 p.m., March 16. The session, which is for parents, aims to help them balance their new roles as in-home educators while maintaining their positions as parents. Register here.

Teen Talk: The Days After: Life Following Grief and Loss

4 p.m., April 13. For teens, this session aims to help them find healthy ways to manage grief and loss and assists in establishing the coping skills to do so. Register here.

Teen Talk 2: Double Dose: Grieving With Your Children

7 p.m., April 13. For parents, the session will help them develop coping skills to manage their individual grief while balancing the impact of their children grieving simultaneously. Register here.

Teen Talk: Surviving Senioritis: What Happens Next

4 p.m., May 11. For teens looking forward to the next steps, this session highlights the various paths that become available when you graduate high school. Regsiter here.

The WELL, originally called the Wade Edwards Learning Lab, is across the street from Broughton High School. It is currently offering a variety of programs for teenagers.

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