#parent | #kids | ‘Unkillable’ Android Malware ‘Xhelper’ : Learn The, Secret Behind It by the Developers and Explainations by the Researchers

For the past few months, the world of smartphones and technology were facing some kind of problem which was disrupting the many phones of users. The reason behind all the chaos was an Android Malware called xHelper. The malware has started appearing last year. And developers have no idea how and where the malware came from.

xHelper is not like your typical malware. And due to it’s uniqueness, the developers had a rough time figuring about it and put an end to it. Now I’m sure after reading brief information about it, you have some questions building up. What is this xHelper? Why is it undetectable? Have the any solution to it?

Don’t worry as we have covered all the details and information about this malware that has reckon the technology world. Read to know more.

About xHelper

The Trojan Android Malware, xHelper came into the seen of the public eye back in 2019. The xHelper first started installing itself in many phones when it came out as a cleaner app in Google Play store. After an user download the application, the xHelper disappears from the home screen of the phone. But it is still there and can be seen in the installed apps from the setting option.

What this Trojan Malware usually does, it creates a pathway for the attackers to collect data from the smartphone in which it is installed. It provides many information to the third party about the phone, model, manufacturer and many other information. The work of this malware doesn’t stop there. Later on, it proceeds to download Trojan modules , which then download other module one after the other. The module roots down the device and downloads malicious files. Also, they can remove the delete option.

The Damage xHelper has Created

The Trojan Malware first appeared in April 2019 on the Google Play Store as a cleaning app for the devices. The device has infected more than 45,000 + devices. Many of its targeted users are from India, Russia and United States of America.

Precautionary Steps to Take to Safeguard Your Device

  • Do not upload files and apps from unrecognized sources.
  • Download a reliable files manager
  • Disable your Google Play Store for some time.
  • Scan your mobile and files residing in your phone to detect the malware.
  • Delete files with com.mucf files
  • Re enable Google Play Store.

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