#parent | #kids | WalkSafe App reveals the most dangerous places to walk in Doncaster and maps them out

A new app has uncovered a number of crime hotspots in Doncaster – leading to residents fearing for their safety when walking the streets of their home town.

‘WalkSafe’ allows users to look across an area and see how many crimes have been committed, the type of crime and how long ago it was reported. The key works as follows:

  • Red- violence/sexual assault
  • Black- knife crime
  • Light Blue- feeling unsafe
  • Yellow- mugging

Following the tragic death of Sarah Everard, apps like this aim to keep women, men and children safe from any existing dangers in their area.

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The most common crime type is sexual assault, then knife crime, muggings and feeling unsafe in Doncaster, according to the app’s map.

A list of the most dangerous areas to walk according to data from the app

  • Nether Hall Road area, Central Doncaster (1 violence/sexual assault, 8 knife crimes)
  • Hexthorpe (5 violence/sexual assault, 4 knife crimes, 1 feeling unsafe)
  • Conisbrough (21 violence/sexual assault)
  • Edlington Lane (6 violence/sexual assault, 1 knife crime)
  • Mexborough (7 violence/sexual assault, 5 knife crimes)
  • Rossington (9 violence/sexual assault, 2 knife crimes, 1 feeling unsafe)
  • Bessacarr (11 violence/sexual assault, 2 knife crimes, 1 mugging)
  • Truro Avenue to Beckett Road, Wheatley (6 violence/sexual assault)
  • Mill Street/Hatfield Lane, Armthorpe (5 violence/sexual assault, 1 knife crime)

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