#parent | #kids | Want to turn your kid into a bookworm? Publisher Chiki Sarkar has some tips

Do you want to make your kid an avid reader? If so, reading books to children at an early age can help ingraining in them the love for books.

Now the hard part is how can you turn your little kid into a bookworm? To answer the same, Chiki Sarkar, publisher and founder of Juggernaut Books recently shared a video on social media.

Chiki Sarkar founded Juggernaut Books in 2015 and since then has backed several new voices. In a recent video Sarkar  provided some tips to turn kids, as young as 6-7 months and till 2-years-old, into a bookworm.

With these four easy rules, your little one will look forward to their favorite reading time every day.


Here’s her suggestions

Keep it short

“Five-minute a session,” she says as she reasons, “they have a very little attention span.”

Keep it cosy

Her second tip is to keep the setting cosy. “When you read to them put them on your lap or cuddle them or smell their sweet yummy baby smell, make it a time of coziness and comfort, and joy.”

Turn it into a ritual

A more effective way of making reading into a habit for young kids is to make it into a ritual. “Do your bedtime reading or a breakfast reading so that it becomes something they look forward to,” she says.


No words, only pictures

This, she states, is the most important rule.  She advises, “not to read the words on the page as they are too young for it. Look at the pictures, tell them the story through the pictures. Even make it up as you go along, they are interested in the pictures, not the words.”

Follow these rules and your little one will enjoy it too!

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