#parent | #kids | Xiaomi Mi 10 Ultra is here: 120W wired charging, best camera setup around


The Guesser Leakster, 4 hours agoWhat do you mean by unstable? Is it about security concerns? So you like IOS better? I do not like either and both. If it makes any sense.

I like some things from Android, like the customization part and flexibility, but I do not like the poor software updates and implementation between software and hardware. That is why many of my Android phones were not performing like in day 1 after just couple of months. I do not care really about security, because I do not have sensitive information on my phones. I use my work laptop for that.

I like some things in IOS, like the software implementation and longevity, also the fact that they had and still have compact flagships in offering. Also I like the easy transition between Apple products (iphone, ipad, macbook). I do not like their marketing strategy, their prices (even though nowadays all companies are like this), maybe their close system (even though with IOS 13 they are starting to open up to things, and I am not talking about the useless widgets).

I would like something in between. Windows phones were exactly like this.

Now I am just hoping something new will come to the market and challenge their supremacy. Maybe Huawei, maybe some other company. But with completely new operating system. Sadly, is not only about the company, is also about the app developers and how much money they can make out of this new operating system.


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Flagship killer


Well alonng with P40 ro this is best flagship s far.

P40 pro is better in camera than any other phone and this beauty beats every other device in every other aspect.

There is litterary nothing which could this phone really miss.


Nicolas F, 22 hours agoAh, yeah, and those useless “silver” and “transparent” back versions are, … moreMan if you are not happy dont buy or make your own it will be far better than hearing bad advertising from unhappy xiaomi fan.


Bogdan, 6 hours agoWindows phones were usable too, and look where are they now. All because of the developers.
… more
What do you mean by unstable? Is it about security concerns? So you like IOS better?


Ultraviolet, 22 hours agoGreat specs but unless they do something about their spyware OS miui, that is also full of ads… moreMan every single genin or untrained kid can switch them off in settings forever.

Please dont tell me you cant do that.

Over a youtube there is countless of videos or you can google that how to remove adds in xiaomi.

By the way that advertising makes them more cheap than others donations from other companies which pay for having the advertising within a one of the top brands makes definitely price difference among other companies.

Imagine apple would make advertising within their IOS.

hey could earns tons more money and lovering prices of their devices by at least 10-20%.


Nicolas F, 22 hours ago> curved edges display
> hole-punch selfie camera
> less than 450 ppi on an OLED di… more
Man o.m.g. really???

Just to present you my opinion.

Curved screen is obsollete and can easily slide from ahnds also screen protector works bad with curved displays.

Hole punch selfie camera is great enough. Since apple starts with Notch and Samsung patens hole screen selfie cameras is not that bad. Or blame apple and Samsung for invention you dont like not Xiaomi.

Less than 450 pppi like this really matters with 800 nits brightness you sounds pretty weirdo here.

Dont get it with your USB portstatement. 120W charging speeds and 50W wireless are pretty awesome no matter what you think .Make your own and better phone if you think its that easy.

4500 mAh is awesome. Most phones have 5000 mAh max and the difference of 500 mAhs is really small. Again you want something which have almost no value in real only in papers would make difference.

And lastly IP68 is useless and obsolette and very expensve gimick not worth the money and invention.

As long as IP68 dont give water damage warranty whether you haveit or not doesnt matter.

When your phone gets water damage you have to pay expensive repair for anything else insurance from your carrier proves a lot better.

By the way did you know a water resistant case cost from 2 bucks??? Much less than your desired IP68 which dont cover your varranty if your phone gets water damaged.

End of story.


Wo Woo Wooo.

Honestly this is going to be the best phone ever made so far.

And with its pricing also the best bang for bucks.

Wo Woo Wooo i am definitely much more than impressed.

And would like to know if the transparent version will be available globaly and for how much.

Wo Woo Woo end of my story.


Oh wow… instead of note20u or mate40pro, i might actually get this one and spare a few bucks without much compromises. I’ll wait for the extensive reviewing for sure, but man does this look promising.


Anonymous, 8 hours agoS pen
better screen
better performance (except exynos lol)
better photos
IP rating
an eco… more
Which is better the note 20 ultra or mi 10 ultra?

You said:

S pen… It is a nice feature for the people who want the stylus, but over 90 percent of people they don’t look for this feature when buying a phone, even some of the note owners had never used the stylus.

Better screen… Yes..

Better performance… No … Most regions will stuck with the exynos processors.

Better photos… No.. the note photos are not even close to mi 10 ultra photos.

Ip rating… Yes.. but i prefer the top camera than the IP rating, and by the way the Xiaomi phone is splash and rain resistant and that’s enough for many people.

Ecosystem… Yes..

UI… It is a personal thing, both Samsung UI and MIUI started as squary iphone clones, but now they are different, still MIUI has a larger community support.

Things that are in favour of the mi 10 ultra:

The king of smartphone camera

More hand grip friendly

IR blaster

Better loud speakers

Crazy fast charging

Price… price…price


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Does it waterproof ?


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the chin


The Guesser Leakster, 7 hours agoWe are talking about cameras. Huawei phones are now usable. Even without GMS. Windows phones were usable too, and look where are they now. All because of the developers.

I am hoping that Huawei will get this through, and in the end make a whole new OS, separate from Google. It will be nice to have 3 options.

I miss the days of the Nokia Lumia’s. I like Google apps, but I don’t like Android system (too big, too fragmented and too unstable).


Enough of this curved screens, really…


Anonymous, 7 hours agoAnd their support for Google apps is better than the best… Oh waitWe are talking about cameras. Huawei phones are now usable. Even without GMS.


I don’t Understand peoples’ logic! What more do u want in a less than 800$ phone!! Best camera system, almost best display, almost best chipset.


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The Guesser Leakster, 13 hours agoHuawei is far better. Huawei’s auto mode bests even competitors night mode. Huawei just n… moreAnd their support for Google apps is better than the best… Oh wait


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LuisVi, 12 hours agoi´m waiting for the camera review!The best according to dxo

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