Parent searches for custodian who helped toddler forgotten by daycare

A Woodbridge man is searching for a mall custodian, who he says protected his two-year-old son who was forgotten by a daycare.

“We have entrusted this academy to care for our child, said Marvin Johnson.

According to Prince William County Police, Johnson’s son was left alone in his stroller at Potomac Mills Mall on Monday afternoon. That was hours after Johnson left his toddler at Ebenezer Baptist Church Christian Academy’s daycare center.

“From what the officer said it was over an hour,” said Johnson.

The two-year-old was eventually found by a custodian who left Johnson’s son with mall security guards until the daycare program recognized their mistake.

“They just forgot that he was there still asleep in the stroller,” said Johnson. “My fear was anyone could have taken my child. Anybody could have taken my child away and I would’ve been on TV saying ‘please give my child back.’”

An administrator at the church says there is an investigation underway. They had no further comments.

“To me there is no explanation for this to happen,” said Johnson.

In the meantime, Johnson says he is searching for the custodian who made sure his son was safe.

Johnson’s son is no longer enrolled in the daycare program.