Parent to Parent: Getting extra help in math for kids | Parenting | #parenting

Q • My fifth-grader is struggling in math, and I’m not sure why. Before the pandemic, he made good grades in math. My sister has two middle school kids who are also having a difficult time in math and other subjects such as science. We’ve looked into tutors, but they are super expensive. What are some other alternatives to getting them help without breaking our budget?

From a reader • We used a high school student in our neighborhood for several years for our kids. He was very good in math and made a lasting impression on them. Sometimes, it takes someone a little closer to their age to teach kids certain academics because they don’t feel so embarrassed to ask questions. — Shayne R. in Little Rock, Arkansas

From Jodie Lynn • Kids as well as adults went through difficult times last year and some are still experiencing various types of hardships and new challenges in several areas this year. You and your sister are certainly not alone in having kids who are struggling in specific academic areas, especially math and science. In fact, I frequently get questions about it.

There are several options to choose from that may be able to keep you within your budget. For example, there are some brick-and-mortar facilities, online companies and even personal tutors that will give a group discount for two or more kids who sign up for their professional services.

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