Parental Controls: Preventing Kid from Being Target of Cybercrime

Extreme hype and popularity of social networking sites have made them the most attractive target for cybercriminals. The use of Facebook, Twitter, and a lot more social media is increasing drastically and so is their likelihood of being attacked by cyber crimes. The “I know all” attitude of our kids could lead them to serious troubles. All of us must use parental controls to protect our kids from becoming victims of such crimes because they can’t secure themselves alone.

Facebook the prime target

Facebook is the most prominent and most user-friendly social networking platform that is why it is the prime target for online crimes. A large number of users receive spam on the daily basis; have exposure to malware, and a lot of them experience attempts of hijacks.

There are many other types of cyber crimes as well like the Internet fraud, telemarketing, identity theft, credit card theft etc. all of these cyber criminals are very sharp at finding their innocent victims. Now you can understand how important it is to keep a check on kids’ online activities and why they need real-time monitoring.

Protect against cyber attacks

You can’t stop them from using social media. But you can ensure a safe exposure for them. Kids can’t protect themselves from the tricky online criminal attempts because they can’t even understand how their personal info could be hacked and used. So try to reduce the media addictive attitude and monitor to rectify their Web behavior. Well, no wonder online parental controls are very good at it.

Pick any good parental app such as FamilyTime that helps you with Internet monitoring:

First: Check browsing history.
Second: Check how frequently they visit specific sites.
Third: Check the favorites and bookmarks.
Fourth: Check how long they stayed at specific site.
Keep them secure from cyber crimes

Social networking sites are the part of kids’ everyday life. It is not only hard, in fact, impossible to stop them from connecting with the world. So don’t waste your time in doing something you can’t actually make. Try to be an adoptive parent and protect them from online crimes by monitoring and protecting them. You can select trusted FamilyTime parental control app as your helper to make parenting fun for you.